Life Update : Part 3

Glitter Naturally , natural lifestyle bog , indian lifestyle blog Glitter Naturally , natural lifestyle bog , indian lifestyle blog Eight months of this year have already flown by so quickly, aren’t they? But I am super happy as we have entered fall and the weather has been quite pleasant here in Delhi. I set up a goal last year to be more punctual and consistent in blogging but unfortunately due to my other commitments – studies and my own small business, it actually became quite difficult to create content daily for Glitter Naturally. I am so thankful that most of you still stick to my blog and come to read every single article I publish now and then.

I wrote the last post in this series in May, I know a long time back. Sometimes I almost forget that I need to be social and do not check my Instagram for weeks but on some days I get creative flow in my mind, sit down and write 3 blog posts straight. Who else does this?

These days I have been working on ideas for Diwali for Blend It Raw Apothecary, thinking to create some Diwali related DIYs for Glitter Naturally and as usual going to college (it is my last year, yay).

Let’s get to the things/links I am loving right now.

  • Need a vacation? Have a look at my photo diary from Mcleodganj.
  • You know I am obsessed with plants, herbs, and flowers. Scrolling through the Instagram, I found this instagram handle by Rebecca who uses plants to dye clothes. Isn’t that a great idea? I could not stop myself from checking out her whole Instagram profile.
  • Want to spend your Sunday in bed whole day? Read this article on how to spend a day in bed without feeling like a sloth.
  • Pamper yourself this sunday with this age old ayurvedic practice – Abhyanga.
  • I dream to have a comfy living space like this one.
  • Recently tried coconut vinegar from Unived and it has become my favorite. My tastebuds did not accept it but I love using it in masks.

I hope you guys enjoy these links!

A review is coming up tomorrow!

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