A Life Update + Goals 2017

glitter naturally blog

glitter naturally blog

I apologize for the lack of updates on my blog lately. I had a lot of interesting posts in my mind for december but most of them are piled up incomplete in my drafts section because of my busy schedule these days. I have been working way too much on my newly launched Blend It Raw Beauty Box which is a lot more work than I had anticipated.  Besides working on my subscription box , I have to study for my exam on 8th January as well.

2016 was all work work work for me. My mind juggled between studies (a lot) , blog work and my startup. I did not go for even a single vacation this year and these days I am feeling so tired of all the work that I need a break right now. I love what I do and I am blessed to start something which is related to my passion for DIYs but sometimes you do need a break in life. No point of repenting , I certainly cannot take a break until my first box goes out.

Enough of rants!

Every year I set some goals in my mind to achieve . The goals are not too big ones , just the small small things I wish to achieve. This year when I started writing my goals (wishlist you can say) , I was surprised to see that most of the things I mentioned were related to my blog . I plan to grow this small space of mine www.glitternaturally.com a lot this year. (fingers crossed)

Visit at least two new places this year – Being deprived of any holidays this year , I have made it a point to visit at least two places this year and take some time off.

Be consistent in blogging – I am absolutely bad at it. There are times when I post two blog posts in a day and sometimes when I post nothing for two weeks. This year I will make it a point to post a minimum of three posts per week.

Be 15 days ahead in blogging – I always end up writing posts on the same day they have to go up on the blog which is the main reason I never post consistently. This year I plan to have my posts written in advance , so that I am never out of content for my blog.

Start my youtube channel – I receive a lot of messages from you guys asking me to start a youtube channel. I am planning to start it by the end of this year. But I am scared :p .

Add non toxic Eye liner and lipstick to my collection – I did not mention any other makeup item because I only use these two things on my face.

Give more time to myself and my body – A very important goal this year!

These are the things I look forward to in 2017 . 🙂

DO YOU HAVE ANY GOALS SET FOR 2017? Also, A very happy new year guys!



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  1. Wow! I wish you all the success with the unique and amazing blend it raw beauty box aarushi 🙂 And, a very happy new year! Take a deep breath and relax girl.. Visualize your goals.. it will make all the difference 🙂 <3

  2. Wow!! U must start a YouTube channel for sure.. and also launch th eyeliner and lipstick!! And I also do believe that even after being crazy passionate for smthng u need to tk a break and gv tym to urself!! Wishing u a very happy new year in advance.. xoxo😘

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