Life Update : Part 1

Hello Spring! ( Image – Stocksy )

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A lot of you come on my blog to look for lifestyle, natural beauty and wellness tips . But some of you (who actually stick around and support me , I love you all a lot!) have a genuine interest in me as a person. To talk and share more about me / my life with you guys , I am starting a new series on my blog ‘Life Update’, a post I will be doing frequently to share the things I am loving lately and what I am upto.

Just finished ordering the supplies for my March Blend It Raw DIY Beauty Box which is a hugeee and tiring task. Some suppliers can be really frustrating and try to fool you by providing shitty quality products at a really high price.

These days I am just busy with the March Blend It Raw DIY Box, the theme of which is Floral (read herbs) as spring is my most favorite season of the year. However, it does not feel like spring here in Delhi, even when March has begun. Delhi weather is confusing these days.

I feel like I’ve been so busy for the past few weeks that I haven’t been as active on social media. I thought I’d give you a little update on what I’m loving right now .

  • I am obsessed with this DIY Spa Day Video by Rachel Talbott. Her channel is love.
  • If you are looking for a new blogger to follow, check out and follow Geri on Instagram. Her minimalist style and wellness tips always help me.
  • Did you check out my new haircut ? Unlike every other time when I get a haircut, this time I actually loved the way my hair looked afterward.
  • Lying in severe periods pain right now, I was scrolling the internet about the ways to naturally reduce it. I found this and this article really helpful. I did not know, we should avoid coffee during periods before reading these articles. Ohh, just rubbed some lavender essential oil on my abdomen to help relieve the pain.
  • I was planning to go on this trek with my friends and the day I was about to book it, the plan canceled. I am still trying to convince my friends to come with me. If you are looking for an adventurous trip, you can check this place out, it is I guess the highest paragliding point.
  • I was happy to discover Shea Moisture, an all natural brand from New York on Amazon India while looking for a product. This Shampoo will be in my cart soon. Its been on my wishlist since forever.
  • Looking to shop some skincare stuff? I did a small haul of skincare products from organic brands last week here .

I hope you guys enjoy these links! Leave links to your favorite things/articles below for me to have a look.

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  1. Hi aarushi….I like your blogs….its very informative. …I had interacted with you reg to buy few things and the box from you but not yet able to do it till now as I am going thru little in between my job switches which is preoccupying my mind since nearly 3 months. Nevertheless. …Your postings are very informative and it helps a lot ….btw what’s in march box


    1. Hi Shweta. Thank you so much for appreciating. March box contains flowers and herbs which are used for skin and hair (Think – Primrose , roses , jasmine , lavender , chamomile etc.)

  2. Nice Article.. I love your articles…every alternate days i visit your blog and read all your old articles…I think I have already finished reading your articles…Now even, chrome knows that I visit your page so whenever I just type “G” the first search is GLITTERNATURALLY. 🙂 God bless you and keep on writing wonderful articles… you do inspire lot of people..
    Talking about March Box…what is included in it..

    1. Hi Pooja. haha. Thank you so so so much. Your comment started my day on a good note. I hope I keep you engaged with my articles always.
      March box is based on flowers and herbs (roses , jasmine, chamomile , lavender and many more). The products would be revealed soon.

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