Product Review :Lavender Mud Mask by Organic Mill

Mud masks have always been alluring. I have seen so many mud masks at different stores but never wanted to use the ones that contains chemicals. Finally I found a 100% organic Mud Mask by Organic Mill.


Lavender, Clay , Chamomile flower and Essential oils

Price 375 INR
(Includes one bowl, face towel and a wooden spoon)

How to use?
Take one tblspn of the powder and make it into a paste by mixing it with rose water or honey. Rinse it off after 15 minutes and then place a hot towel on your face until cool.

The best part about organic mill : They offer a great packaging and provide you with all the things needed when you use their products. They provide a great quantity at an affordable price.


Formulated with organic and natural ingredients like clay & chamomile flower which helps to clear out clogged pores hence reducing acne , Lavender that soothes the skin and essential oils for healthy skin.

I have used this product for about ten times till now and I am quite impressed with the results. In summers , oil appears very frequently on my face making it look greasy. This face mask absorbs the oil from my skin and avoids its production  for some time, thats why I use it before going out for any party or event.

Mud masks help to make the texture of the skin smooth, shrink pores and add a glow to the face . This mud mask exactly does this. Having the benefits of essential oils make it even more effective for a healthy and flawless skin.

Using Organic Mill’s Lavender Mud Mask for a long time now, I vow my complete satisfaction to this product. It is good for skin and it works as a premium quality face pack offering glossy skin instantly. Hence, I highly recommend this product to those, who have oily skin.

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    1. Hey Misty. They have not provided complete info on the label of the product. I feel its fuller’s earth with dried chamomole powder and lavender essential oil.

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