Lavender Body Butter by Osha Naturals

Facing dry & dehydrated skin? Then this body butter by Osha Naturals is all you need. Body Butters or lotions stay on your skin whole day giving sufficient time to those harmful chemicals to dry your skin even more and enter your blood stream.  So I am very cautious when I choose any body lotion or body butter.

The body butter that I am using these days is Lavender Body Butter by Osha Naturals which is handmade with 100% organic ingredients and essential oils.


Ingredients –
Unrefined shea butter from Ghana, mango butter, cold-pressed almond oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, caprylic triglycerides from coconuts, beeswax, jojoba oil, natural vitamin E tocopherols, lavender essential oil and rosemary anti-oxidant.

Price – Rs.1000/- for 3.5 oz/100 gm

Its price shows that it is a luxury product (just look at the exotic ingredients list and you will understand, why) . However , sometimes it feels good to splurge on something nice and which will benefit your skin long time.


The quantity is good and since this is not meant to be applied as a cream (it melts on getting in touch with your skin like oil) , its going to last a while.

This product is deeply hydrating and protective, I really noticed my skin was hydrated for days after using the body butter. A little bit goes a long way, and of course like the rest of the products by Osha Naturals that I tried… smells absolutely lovely.

It looks creamy but once I applied it , it melted on my skin without being greasy or heavy. It got absorbed well once massaged on the skin , leaving my skin nourished with a blend of nutritive ingredients.

It may not be suitable for oily skin but for dry skin its a very very useful product.

You can even have your products custom made by Dr.Mansi , founder of Osha Naturals.

Mail her at .

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  1. Hi- Can you please recommend a face cream for the day time amongst the organic brands that can be used during winters? Thanks! 🙂

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