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blend it raw beauty

So finally after a year of planning , I am launching my very own skincare subscription box “BLEND IT RAW BEAUTY BOX” – its not just another subscription box . It is a DIY BEAUTY BOX – a first of its kind in India.

blend it raw beauty box




For this subscription box, we source and deliver organic, pure & fresh skin and hair care ingredients from all over the world every month to assist you in making your own products.

Each month’s box will contain  easy to blend skin, hair, bath and body recipes along with organic ingredients (5 to 6 ingredients per box) needed to make them. Most of the ingredients offered in box can also be used individually on your skin and hair, or can be blended to make a personalized products.

Most of the ingredients in the box will be kept a secret . They will only be revealed once you receive it.

Each ingredient derived from the earth according to us, is a boon to our skin, and what matters even more is the way they are used. 

How It works ?

  • We source pure ingredients.
  • Blend and test kitchen beauty recipes.
  • Deliver the ingredients and recipe cards to you.
  • You blend your own products using the ingredients & recipe cards provided by us or use them as it is.

Now, imagine receiving potent skin and hair care ingredients like oils, herbs, essential oils, butters, flower extracts, floral hydrosols etc at your doorstep every month to indulge in fun crafty activity along with pampering your skin with properly measured ingredients and step by step instructions to blend.

Every month you will receive  5-6 (or more) ingredients like oils , butters , herbs , essential oils etc. at just 1,199 INR per month.

Most of the ingredients will be USDA Organic Certified.

Box will be shipped on 15th of every month.

1 month – 1,199 INR

3 months – 1,100 INR per month i.e, 3,300 INR when aggregated (Hence , you receive a discount of 99 INR per month)

We are taking orders for the January Box till 10th January. To place your order fill the order form (HERE) . For any queries , mail us at or send a DM on Instagram @blenditrawbeauty .

Since our website is under construction , we am mentioning all the terms and conditions below.

  • On receiving damaged products – We provide a multi – layer packaging which makes it very rare that you will receive a damaged product. In case , you receive a damaged product send us an email with a picture of the broken product within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • Order Cancellation – Orders can only be cancelled till 10th of every month that means 5 days before the shipment of the box. After that no refund will be made.
  • Safety Guidelines – Certain products by Blend It Raw Box may contain essential oils, butters and oils from natural nuts, seeds and fruits, as well as soy, dairy, honey pollen or wax from bees, shellfish and eggs. If you have any allergies, medical conditions or are pregnant, please read the product label carefully and consult your healthcare professional prior to use. We recommend that people with sensitive skin perform a patch test and/or consult a healthcare professional prior to use. Discontinue use of any Blend It Raw product on observing any kind of irritation.
  • All facts, details & recommendations provided by us are for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of healthcare professionals.
  • Blend It Raw boxes are non refundable and cannot be exchanged.
  • Warranty and Liability – Blend It Raw does not hold itself liable and shall not be responsible for any damage arising out of the use of the products listed on its page(s). If a product delivered differs than from what has been described on the social media of Blend It Raw, we would be changing the product, but not refund the same. Blend It Raw is not responsible for delays arising out of force majeure.

Personal Note- You all are aware of my love for organic skincare and exotic skincare ingredients. Every box will contain purest organic ingredients and recipes tested by me which are free from even  the mildest of chemicals. I assure that you all will receive the best quality products from us.

Can’t wait for you all to receive my products and get feedback. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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    1. Hi Priyanka. We have our own brand of organic , cold pressed and pure oils . Blend It Raw Beauty will also sell oils and other things used in DIYs individually.

  1. Amazing Blog! You are looking so cool. Congratulation for launching skincare subscription box. I think it will helpful for users. you will reach great factor in your life All best for you and your team. See you again.

  2. Hey.. I’m interested in subscribing just wanted know.. How tough are these recipes going to be? I live in a hostel, so no fridge or kitchen gadgets (except an induction cooktop). Would you still recommend this especially since I’ve heard organic products need to be refrigerated? Its one of the main reasons I am hesitant to use organic products. Btw, any recommendations for cleansing lotion, etc to remove kajal?

    1. Hi dear. The recipes are going to be very easy. Moreover we will provide everything you will be needing. Like spoons , hair cap, extra bottles. No recipe needs a refrigerator as they will be oil based and can be used as soon as you make them. January box contains more of masks and oils , than other things which are difficult to make and use.

      Cleasing milk by soultree. 🙂

  3. oh my god…!☺☺ This is a great news.. really feeling happy for this announcment….. keeping going.. you will achieve greatest thing in your life 😙😙 All best for you and your team 🖒🖒

  4. That’s great news Aarushi. Congratulations to you and the team! Looking forward to the subscription boxes and few amazing receipes.

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