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Hello people! I started this blog on 20th December last year but for a very long time I did not share my identity with you all. I was a shy girl who used to be very conscious about her looks and what other people will think of her. I was never confident about my looks or my work . But one day I uploaded my first picture on Instagram after 3-4 months of blogging. Uploading pictures with a face mask on my face had been my biggest challenge but I did it . I came out of my comfort zone and I am so glad that I did it. This blog and you people have given me confidence that yes I am doing the right thing. This blog gives me happiness . I get to share the things I love and I get to interact with so many of you daily. Some of you wanted to know more about me, hence I decided to write this article and answer your questions that you asked me on my  Instagram . I have covered each and every question asked by you all , most of the questions were similar . I guess this post will be quite long 😀 .

I am not mentioning the names of the people who asked these questions.

buy lasix online australia What is your age?
I am 19.

click here What are you studying now?
Well, I am doing Economics Honours from Delhi University right now. To be honest I took economics just because I scored well in my 12th and now I don’t have any interest in Economics. Not because it’s too tough. I am not able to develop my interest in it. Besides this, I am also doing German language diploma course.

go What are your plans for future?
As I said in my last question I want to take forward my career in German Language only. Therefore, I am planning to do Masters in German. I hope I can take forward my blog as well.

How and when did you start transitioning into all natural products?
There’s no particular time when I started doing so. Since childhood, my mother had never allowed me to buy products from the market like scrubs, masks, conditioners, body wash etc. I only used Shampoos and soaps from the market. Rest of the things were made at home by my mother. So I guess it’s in my genes 😉 . One year ago I came across a blog on Instagram which stated the harmful effects of chemicals in the products that we use which motivated me to dump my shampoos and soaps as well and start using natural ones. Also, I am not a huge fan of makeup but still I prefer to use kajal and lipstick on special occasions.

How and why did you start this blog?
I just started this blog to share my homemade product’s recipes as I saw many foreign bloggers doing so. At that time I had no idea that blogging can also make you earn money. I started this on wordpress with a name of glazeandglitters. I totally regret that I started my blog on wordpress that too with a horrible name. My blog name was which looked highly unprofessional.

What tools do you use to write your post?
I use my phone’s camera to click pictures (HTC), Snapseed app to edit pictures, Phonto to write my blog’s name on pics , Canva to create blog graphics. I learnt using them on youtube.

How much do you earn from your blog?
My blog is not even one year old, so currently, I do not earn anything directly from my blog. But through this blog I got chances to write for the blogs of some other companies which makes me some money and I invest that in my blog. Sometimes I receive samples from brands but that happens rarely as I do not accept samples from every other brand.

What suggestions will you give to new bloggers?

– Stay genuine to your audience. Don’t share products that you actually don’t like using for yourself just for the sake of receiving freebies.
– Do not start your blog on a free platform. Buy your own domain.
– Good pictures matter a lot.
– You are perfect! Don’t compare.
– Blogging can be very depressing when people unfollow you. Learn to deal with it. I used to freak out earlier when people unfollowed me but now its absolutely fine for me. Some people like what I share , some do not.
– And please do not plagiarize. Taking ideas from internet is okay but please do not take pictures and articles of other bloggers and publish it on your site. I always share my own pictures or graphics even if they look horrible.

Thank you all for your questions. I have clubbed some questions together to shorten the blog post.




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  1. I so wana know do you use sunscreen? And if yes which brand? Because I hardly find any organic sunscreen.what do u suggest.pls do get back

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