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Juicy Chemistry Review

Hey Guys! So after a really long break from social media and my blog , I am finally back! Thank you for all your messages asking me if something went wrong or why I am not posting. For all those who are concerned – everything is fine! I had my university exams which made it quite difficult to write blog posts or reply to your messages. 

So  lets come back to my views on two of the new launches by Juicy Chemistry. Actually they are not new launches anymore :p , I had to review these products last month but somehow this post got delayed.

Juicy Chemistry Review

Juicy Chemistry is one of those brands for me – the sort that keeps me wondering what will come next. They offer the purest products you can find in India and if you are planning to switch to organic skincare , then do not miss adding their products to your cart first. Their two new launches – Kakadu Plum & Licorice Mask and Lemon & Spearmint Lip Balm in Tube Packaging (earlier they had it in tubs) made their way into my skincare shelf one and a half month back. I also tried their Sweet Orange , Cinnamon and Honey Body Polish which smells so good!


Kakadu Plum – an ingredient which is new to all of us. I have not seen this ingredient in any of the products I have tried till yet , which is what excited me to get my hands on this mask.  Having the highest content of Vitamin C found in any of the food source on entire planet , this makes a great ingredient to include in your skincare routine. Vitamin C revitalizes skin by protecting it from the effect of aging & effects of sun , reducing marks or dark spots and most importantly it evens out the skin tone! Besides Kakadu Plum , this mask has Licorice Powder , Indian Gooseberry Powder and Pomengranate Peel Powder which are great sources of Vitamin C.

All the ingredients – Kakadu Plum Powder, Licorice Powder, Pomegranate Peel Powder, Indian Gooseberry Powder, Orange Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil

Kakadu Plum Mask Juicy Chemistry


On my first application , I found this mask to be too strong for my skin as it felt very itchy and tingly on my face and I had to wash it just after two minutes. After contemplating for two three weeks , I decided to give this mask another try and it worked fine then. Later did I realise that I applied a thick layer of this mask earlier which is not required. So now I take a very small amount of this mask (approx. half teaspoon) to give my skin a boost of vitamn C.

This mask surely gives my face a fresh look and even skin tone but does not add a glow to the face. That is fine for me. I use this mask once in two weeks to help my skin heal with its skin healing ingredients and fade away any uneven patches I have  due to exposure to the sun and pollution. It definitely does its job of providing an even skin tone , along with reducing spots. Buy it Here .

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I have tried Juicy Chemistry’s Grapefruit Lip Balm earlier and I mentioned in that post about the inconvenience of a lip balm in a tub. Finally JC heard me and they launched their lip balms in tube packaging.

Juicy Chemistry Lip Balm
Ingredients – Avacado oil , Natural Vitamin E , Sweet Almond Oil , Beeswax , Shea Butter , Lemon Essential Oil , Peppermint Essential Oil

This lip balm is my everyday need in this dry weather . On application it gives a cooling sensation to the lips which fades away after two minutes , the sensation is not bad though. It makes my lips feel a bit plumper , maybe because of peppermint essential oil. For people who have extremely chapped lips (like lips that bleed due to dryness) , stay away from this flavor as it can irritate your lips. I use this lip balm regularly but on days when my lips are extremely dry , I use a more soothing lip balm. You can try out this Rose Flavored Lip Balm which will be more soothing for your dry lips.

Buy Lemon and Spearmint Flavor here .


juicy chemistry review

Ingredients – Organic Sugar , Shea Butter , Cocoa Butter , Vitamin E , Extra Virgin Olive oil , Jojoba Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Wild Honey , Cinnamon Essential oil , Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

I found this combination of ingredients a comforting one for winters. I usually avoid using products that dry out my skin in winters , scrubs are one of them. But this scrub exfoliated my skin without making it too dry because of its skin moisturizing blend of oils and shea & cocoa butter. You will absolutely love the citrusy aroma of orange and warming fragrance of cinnamon in your bathroom after using it. It calms me down! Seriously! A great product to try for a pampering session in the bath. Buy it here .


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  1. Good review.I bought the orange body polish.but I don’t know how many days a week should I use this? I got a loofah too.wouldn’t the loofah make it too rough on the skin when used it with this polish?sorry if the questions are silly but this is the first body polish I bought.And it seems body scrub and body polish are different. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Yamini. Don’t think the questions are silly. We should be careful while taking care of our skin. Use the polish once in 15 days. This body polish does not require the loofah as it is too coarse itself. Its more of a body scrub than body polish , so use it without the loofah.

    1. Agreed. But the sensation was too strong in case of this lip balm which might be uncomfortable for few people.

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