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Jiva Vrksa Products Review

I was recently introduced to a brand called Jiva Vrksa . This skincare line is different from the brands I have used till now – the reason I was too attracted towards their products. They promote the concept of ‘ayurvedic skincare’ in true sense by using a combination of traditional skincare recipes handed down through many generations.  Every ingredient that you will find on the list of their products can be found in the skin and hair care recipes used on us by our grandmothers. All those who are allergic or sensitive to fancy skincare ingredients , this product line is for you. Besides being 100% natural , this brand provides their products in eco friendly paper material packaging.

Jiva Vrksa offers only four basic products that we need for our skin and hair , that are – Face Wash , Face Pack , Body Wash and Hair Wash. No they are not the usual liquid face wash and body wash , instead they come in powdered form.

Jiva Vrksa Products Review

Jiva Vrksa Face Wash

Being a person who avoids lathering face with liquid face washes , powdered face cleansers come to my rescue. This face wash is made with right amount of selected ayurvedic ingredients to give your face the dose of attention it requires.

Ingredients – Chickpea , Multani Mitti , Sandalwood , Rose Petals , Licorice , Aloe Vera , Avaram Senna Flower , Neem , Orange Peel and Basil.

A powdered face wash with very mild texture – I was happy to see this. Unlike other powdered face cleansers that I have tried , this one was very smooth on the skin and did not feel like a scrub. This face wash glides very smoothly on the skin , cleanses just like a normal face wash and has a mild (very mild) soapiness to it as well.

Jiva Vrksa Face Pack

Face packs with sandalwood are my love! Made with just few pure ingredients , this pack is meant to improve glow and softness of the skin.

Ingredients – Multani Mitti , Sandalwood , Rose Petals and Orange Peel.

It is easy to DIY this pack at home if we have all the ingredients. But I don’t mind paying just 150 bucks for 75 gms of this pure face pack. This face mask has a very smooth powder which makes it easy to apply. It dries quickly and leaves skin really soft with a gentle glow. It does not work on problem areas like blackheads , whiteheads or pigmentation , but offers the glow you expect after applying a face mask.

Jiva Vrksa Body Wash

Powdered body wash? I was excited to see how a powdered body wash will work for the skin. People who have dry body skin like me , this product is absolutely for you. I avoid using soaps or body wash during winters on my skin as they make my dry like a desert skin even more worse.

Ingredients –  Green Gram , Indian Sarsaparilla , Vetiver , Nut Grass, Gooseberry , Harde Whole , Beleric Myrobalan , Fenugreek , Aloe Vera, Avaram Senna Flower , Soap Berry and Neem . (Okay , so I do not actually know the benefits of some of these ingredients but I am sure they must be helpful for my skin in some or the other way).

Just like the face wash , this body wash also has a soft texture which does not feel like a scrub , cleanses well & glides smoothly. I make a thin paste of it in a bowl and apply all over my body like a body pack . After two three minutes , I use a loofah to clean my skin.

Jiva Vrksa Hair Wash

Again I was quite apprehensive using a powdered hair wash but I went ahead to give this a try because my mother used to wash her hair with the same recipe (not exactly same) during her childhood & her hair is amazing till now as well.

Ingredients – Shikakai , Usilai , Gooseberry , Harde Hole , Beleric Myrobalan , Fenugreek , False Daisy , Aloe Vera , Hibiscus , Green Gram, Soap Berry , Orange Peel and Vetiver

Obviously this hair wash does not clean my hair when they are too greasy or dirty but I don’t mind using this one for a mid week hair wash when my hair is neither too dirty nor too clean. It is very gentle on hair and has a very very mild lather because of soap berry in it. Seeing the benefits of the ingredients that are in this hair wash , I can ditch my normal liquid shampoo once in a while to give my hair a gentle cleanse with mild yet beneficial ingredients. Considering this pack retails at just 80 bucks for 75 gms , it is worth a try.

You can buy this pack of four products for just Rs.410 on Amazon here .

Have you tried any other ayurvedic skincare brand recently? Let me know in comments below!

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