The One Product I Always Have With Me – A Hydrosol

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What is the one product that you absolutely cannot live without?


For me, it is a  hydrosol (any hydrosol for that matter). I always have a bottle of hydrosol in my fridge, on my work desk, in my travel bag, and in my handbag. I can never leave my home without it. One of my favorite ways to help cool off the skin and refresh the senses is with a hydrosol.

A hydrosol is basically made through steam distillation of floral and plant material. Its therapeutic properties are similar to essential oils, but much less concentrated, hence safer to use directly on the skin. When you distill a plant, through steam distillation, you are left with two end-products: the essential oil, which contains the oil-soluble constituents of the plant, and any condensate water, which contains the water-soluble constituents as well as microscopic droplets of the essential oil. This condensate water is what we call the plant hydrosol.

BUT.. be careful while buying hydrosols. Many sellers are selling just distilled water mixed with fragrance in the name of rose water or hydrosol. In fact, if a label has water + essential oil + solubilizer mentioned on it then that is not a true hydrosol too. A true hydrosol just has steam distilled floral water. A true hydrosol is always transparent water.  One way to judge the purity is to shake your bottle, if it foams, then it is fake.

I worked tirelessly for two years to source the right hydrosols for you guys. After researching and trying hydrosols from approximately 25 manufacturers, I found out that most of them were diluting the hydrosols. Finally, in April I found a small distillation unit which I visit personally that makes organic hydrosols and few organic essential oils for me in small batches every month. I even made sure that these hydrosols reach you in amber glass bottles to retain their potency. You can purchase these hydrosols here.

I see many suppliers and brands selling them for just 400/- a litre and I feel really shocked. Trust me guys, hydrosols are potent and they are not cheap.

If you use the right quality hydrosol, I am sure you will get addicted to using them. Each hydrosol can be used in N number of ways. Keep reading to find my favorite ways to use these floral waters for skin, hair, and aromatherapy.

hydrosols, organic hydrosols india, blend it raw apothecary, hydrosol

  • Face Mist: I love a spritz of¬†Rose Water every now and then. I spray it on my face at least 10 times daily.¬†It helps keep skin hydrated, cool and less oily. They are a perfect addition to CTM regime too.
  • In Face Masks: Instead of activating your dry clay masks or powdered masks with just water, add hydrosols for added benefits.
  • Hair & Scalp:¬†Rosemary essential oil is known for its benefits for hair but applying a hair oil is not possible every day. So, every morning before combing my hair, I spritz¬†Rosemary Water all over my scalp and hair & let it dry naturally. It also gives a refreshing scent to hair. You can also make your own hair mist using 3 parts Rosemary Water and one part organic apple cider vinegar. I love the one by Bragg. You can find it on Amazon.
  • Underarm/Body Mist:¬†I usually avoid applying deodorants which is why hydrosols have been really helpful for me. I have made a body mist for myself with 1 part Rose Water¬†(for its scent) and 1 part¬†Peppermint Water (for its cooling sensation).
  • ¬†Bug Spray:¬†I always have a bottle of¬†Eucalyptus Water with me whenever I am traveling to a tropical destination. I have tried and tested it during my entire trip to Goa this monsoon and I swear by it. It repels bugs and soothes bug bites too.
  • Meditation:¬†For the past one month, I have been focussing a lot on meditating and yoga. Basil Water has been a true companion in this. I spray it on my yoga mat for its grounding scent which gets me into the meditation mode.
  • Calming mist for Eyes and Headaches:¬†Due to its analgesic and soothing properties, peppermint water can help relieve a headache. I just spray it on my scalp and head whenever I get too overworked. Rosewater is an amazing work desk essential too if you spend too much time working on screens. It is so soothing for tired eyes.

There are tons of ways for using a single hydrosol. They are so gentle, versatile and multipurpose. Start with one hydrosol. Be creative. Enjoy making different products using them or use them as it is.

What are your favorite hydrosols?

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