Hydrating Homemade Face Serum For Winters

homemade face serum for winters

Serum has become an integral part of my skincare routine since the day I have started using it. I do not use serum during day time but I never go to bed without massaging my face with a facial oil or a serum. 

Why You Should Use Serums?

Serums actually work on the skin as they are made of only pure ingredients (generally oils) and without any cheap fillers like mineral oil , petroleum or any other chemicals. They are just pure skincare potions that work to nourish skin deeply , hence reducing fine lines , wrinkles , oiliness on face , break outs , dark spots and improving the texture of the skin.

Serums are generally priced higher because of the ingredients added into them . I started using serums one year back and the first serum that I used was Skin Brightening Serum by Raw Rituals which made the texture of my skin smooth and evened out my skin tone. After I finished up using that bottle I decided to make my own face serum .After hours of hopping from one website to another I discovered that it was pretty easy to make your own serum at a much lower cost. Obviously one needs to purchase ingredients that will be added in this serum but each and every ingredient added in this can be used in hundreds of different ways and homemade skincare recipes.

Hydrating Homemade Face Serum

I am so excited to share this homemade serum recipe with you after over a month of using it in my regular skincare routine. This serum has improved the overall appearance of my skin during dry days of this weather. As the weather turns cooler , my skin becomes more and more dry. On using this serum ,  I wake up with soft and smooth skin rather than dry , dehydrated skin. I think you all will love this too.

homemade face serum for winters

Ohh , I made three bottles of it , one for my mother and one for my friend. This picture has the bottle that I gifted to my friend with a cute packaging done by me using waste material i.e a rope and thick brown packaging paper.

I have only added light oils for the skin which makes this serum suitable for every skin type. Go on , make it for yourself and share it with me on my Instagram @glitternaturally.


I made this serum in a 15 ml bottle , if you want to increase the quantity make sure to increase it proportionately . Add the ingredients mentioned below in a dark glass bottle and store it a cool and dry place. This serum can be used for about 6 months .

Half Tablespoon Apricot Kernel Oil (Buy here)

It’s been two months that I first started using Apricot Oil in my skincare routine , and believe me I am sold. This oil is fantastic. With a calming nutty aroma , it penetrates so easily into the skin leaving it moisturized and soft. It works as a brilliant moisturizer , provides nutrition to the skin to slow down aging , reduces damage caused to the skin and prevents acne because of anti-bacterial properties. (Source) I agree. After using it regularly , I can say it works.

Half Tablespoon Jojoba Oil (Buy  here)

Jojoba oil is excellent in sealing moisture in the skin. I included this oil because of its amazing hydration ability.

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2 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil (Buy here

This essential oil helps reduce blemishes, the appearance of large pores, to prevent wrinkles, and it will even help lift and tighten skin to naturally slow down signs of aging. I added this oil as it is great in soothing dry skin.

2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil (Buy here )

I love how soft and lightly sweet this oil smells. It is rich in antioxidants that can help fight the harmful effects of pollution on the skin.

2 Drops Palmrosa Essential Oil (Buy HERE)

For additional hydration I added palmrosa essential oil as it restores moisture into the skin and renews skin cells. Along with providing moisture , it calms down and heals the skin.

homemade face serum

To Use – Before bed , wash your face  , then use a toner  , followed by a gentle massage on your face using this serum. You can apply moisturizer or night cream afterwards if your skin is way too dry.

For the people who do not make their own DIY products , you can buy Skin Brightening Serum by Raw Rituals here . It worked amazing on my skin and made me addicted to serums.

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    1. Hi yes it can be used for you. Add four drops of tea tree essential oil to it. The base has light oils which will be suitable for your skin type.

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