Homemade Cherry Face Mask

follow url Who all love fruits as much as I do? And who all love applying fruits on their face like me? I just love making fruity face masks for my skin which not only look delicious but are so healthy for your skin.

I see a lot of TV commercials and people on social media promoting fruit face washes or face masks of various conventional brands which contain a whole lot of chemicals in place of actual fruit pulp. Instead of buying those chemical laden fruit face packs or washes, why not try a homemade face mask??

Cherries are my love and it makes me sad that they are not available every time in Delhi. Recently I got my hands on organic cherries that my father bought for me from his trip to Himachal and I started experimenting with them. To be honest, before starting experimenting I ate two bowls of cherries :).

I made a DIY face mask which also acted as a scrub with cherries and some kitchen ingredients.


can you buy Keppra over the counter in the uk For this mask you will require
– 4-5 cherries
– 1 tblspn honey
–  4-5 Almonds
– 1 tblspn Plain yogurt

Just blend the ingredients to make a fine paste . Once its made take a small amount of it and gently scrub your face using it. After five minutes take some more amount of the mask and apply on your face gently. I washed it with luke warm water after 25 minutes and applied my mousturiser.

This mask is wonderful for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, lightening any skin discolorations, nourishing the skin and has a mild exfoliating effect leaving the skin soft, smooth and supple.

I hope you liked this post!!

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