Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Face Wash by Vana Vidhi

Sea Buckthorn , have you heard of this ingredient before? I did not, until I came across this Sea Buckthorn Facewash on Vana Vidhi’s website. I was intrigued to try this facewash after reading the benefits of this ingredient. Sea Buckthorn is quite a rare ingredient and is expensive as well. But it has a whole lot of benefits for the skin –

– Prevents acne
– Reduces wrinkles
– Fights aging
– heals dryness
– nourishes skin
– makes skin soft
– heals sunburns and wounds


First of all lets take a moment to appreciate the packaging of this product. It was so luxurious.

This product is made of Seabuckthorn fruit pulp , Soapnut extract , Skikakai , Aloevera , Sea Buckthorn essential oil , citric acid, natural preservative and purified water.

I loved its ingredients list which is short and crisp yet contains some useful and nourishing ingredients for the skin.

It has a strong smell like that of a cough syrup. (As I always mention , a really good fragrance means the product contains some chemicals)

When I wash my face with any of such face wash which contains some exotic ingredients , I keep it on my face for like  one minute or so to make my skin absorb the nutrients.

A very small quantity is good enough to clean your face with a very very mild lather. I usually use this face wash after I return home to clean away the dirt on my face. It thoroughly cleanses the face leaving it clean , removing all the dirt and sebum . My skin feels fresh and smooth after the wash.  It does not strip essential moisture from the skin and does not make it look dry or cracked.  I think the seabuckthorn imparts nourishing properties.

You can buy this facewash at www.vanavidhi.in


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