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herb boutique review

I jump with joy whenever I find a neat and clean skincare line but I I get a little more excited when I find products with cute packaging. Herb Boutique is one such brand that made me want to try them by looking at their packaging , not to forget that they sell natural and safe bath and body products.

Not only does this brand offers safe bath and body products , but also various types of honeys and oils used in cooking.

herb boutique review

The products came in a cute little light blue box with a towel from Herb Boutique. The kind of packaging they provide is perfect for giting someone.

A Little About Herb Boutique

From their wesbite -

At The Herb Boutique we believe in bringing you the finest hand-crafted products. We pride ourselves on using authentic organic ingredients. Fresh herbs, seeds, essential oils, aromas from flower petals, natural honeys, culinary oil and spices, and other quality ingredients come together to bring you extravagant experiences. Every product is a unique piece of art, made with special care .

So my thoughts on the products I tried.

Herb Boutique Winter Snowflake Body Oil

Body oils are my addiction. I am a hoarder of oils and essential oils ..or just anything made with oils. 😉 The name of this body oil “Winter Snowflake” absolutely caught my attention.

herb boutique review

Made with just few ingredients like Sunflower oil, Sandalwood oil, Orange essential oil, Yang Ylang essential oil and Vitamin E oil , this oil is very light on the skin without even the slightest greasiness.

Sandalwood oil renders a very light aroma to this body oil which stays on for about 2-3 hours. I absolutely adore this beautiful fragrance which is better than spraying deo on your body.

Sunflower seed oil , the base oil for this product is well-known for its ability to provide a beautiful texture and quick-drying effect when massaged onto the skin.

The body quickly drinks up this body oil providing the needed moisture without depositing a greasy layer or a coating.I apply this body oil straight out of the shower on my damp skin. It is a must try oil if you want a light scented body oil which does not make your skin greasy.

Though the packaging of this oil is cute but it makes it a bit messy or uncomfortable to take out oil from this bottle.

Herb Boutique Milk Bath Soak

I am not too much into bath salts. I wanted to try it just because it stated milk.

herb boutique review

Since I do not have a bathtub at my place , I find bath salts and soaks totally redundant for me.

I generally do not order bath salts but this one made into my shelves due to milk. So how do I use it –

I mix bath salts with oils (carrier oils like jojoba or olive) in equal proportions and scrub my body using it. After five minutes of massaging , I leave it on my body and wash it after 10 minutes to let my skin actually soak this stuff.

It would make an amazing creamy bath soak as well , but milk will serve the same purpose :p .

Ohh , it would make an amazing gift too with an attractive packaging.

Herb Boutique Raw Honey

I loveeee layering my face with raw honey. Unlike coventional honey , Raw honey works effectively in moisturising the skin from within . I have tried both of them on my face and have observed the difference.

herb boutique

This brand has an amazing collection of raw honey in different varieties. You must checkout their collection for honey and olive oils , you will love it I promise.The quality of this honey is amazing. If you follow me on Instagram , you  must be aware that I use raw honey as a natural sweetner as well.

Herb Boutique Lip Balm

I ordered this with high expectations as it states to be a nourishing lip  balm.

Ingredients – just Olive oil, Shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter

herb boutique

I did not like this lip balm at all. It keeps my lips moisturized for just half an hour and the application is difficult as well. The lip balm is too hard and grainy which is why it takes time to melt on my lips.

So basically , you must checkout their collection of body oils , honeys and cooking oils , you will absolutely love them. Also, they have a good collection of bath salts which will make an amazing gift this new year.

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