Healthy Hair Care Habits I Swear By

Hair Care Tips - Glitter Naturally

Taking care of long hair is quite a deal , especially when its your first time dealing with long hair. Growing up I always have had short hair till my shoulders to avoid all the trouble caused by long hair. Because of my mother’s love for long hair, I decided to grow out my hair till waist and I am actually loving my look with long hair now. There are so many tips on the internet to keep your hair and mane healthy and after trying countless tips and products, I thought to pen down some basic rules or habits I swear by to keep my hair healthy and soft.

Hair Care Tips - Glitter Naturally


Here are some basic tips I stick to for soft hair –

where can i buy viagra in cambodia Shampoo – Reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair. Natural oils formed in our hair are essential for our scalp. Opt for a different hairstyle on the second or third day of washing your hair. I wash my hair once a week. Masking – It is important to provide moisture to hair. Try applying a hair mask every week to give your hair some much-needed hydration. You don’t need to purchase expensive masks, just mix some curd with one teaspoon mustard oil & half lemon and apply all over your hair.Your locks will become the smoothest, I swear!

follow url Tie Up Your Hair Whenever You Can – Leaving hair open can cause split ends and make hair even rougher. I usually don’t leave my hair open when I am out. I leave them open only for parties. Also, if you have dry ends you must consider applying for a Leave-In Hair Conditioner. and then tie up your hair.

Avoid Heat – The more heat, the more damage. I don’t understand how come people are so addicted to blow dryers. I have never used them in my entire life. Surprising right? Well, I always rely on air drying my hair. Also, reduce heat styling your hair.

Switching Hair Styles – I have noticed that if I stick to tight ponytail for days, I have breakage at the top of my head. To avoid this try different hair styles, leave a messy bun, messy ponytail or braids some days.

Oil – I never ever wash my hair without oiling them. This has not only helped in keeping my hair soft but also reduced hair damage and accelerate hair growth.

Do you have any tips for hair care?

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  1. Mere baal last month bahut dry aur ajib se ho gaye thy to maine alas chor kar once in week alag alag hair mask lagaya tab kahin thoda thik hua ,ab bahut care karti hu ?
    Thank u for detailed review ?????

  2. Lovely post. You know even I’ve never blow dried my hair and it’s absolutely natural to not. Seriously i don’t understand how people are so addicted.
    I’m gonna try the curd mustard oil mask tomorrow 🙂

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