Hair Care Routine Summers 2016

For the past two months I have been so much into taking care of my hair and I am so happy to see the results. My hair has grown considerably and texture has become smooth and shiny as well. I have totally stopped using chemicals on my hair , although I do use heat methods to style my hair once in 3-4 months.

Ever since I have started this routine , it was about  end of march , my hair has changed completely. Take into consideration that I have Oily scalp and dry ends and my hair are naturally straight since childhood. Also, do not forget that hair quality comes down to genes , however taking a proper care and sticking to a routine will surely make a difference.

See the difference in the pics.


March 2016.         June 2016

1) I shower my hair 2 times a week . Unless you have very greasy hair, excessive or daily hair showers are not recommended.

Shampoo that I use is – Hair cleanser by Ma earth Botanicals .

2) I have never used conditioners on my hair since childhood , until I came across 100% natural conditioners that only contain ingredients that are actually healthy for my hair. And even now I only use conditioners when I feel my hair to be extremely rough or dry.

Conditioner that I use is – Conditioner by Ma Earth Botanicals

3) I do not wash my hair without oiling them a night before. And once a week I try to give my hair some steam by tying up my hair with towel wet in warm water. This makes the roots absorb the oil and makes hair roots healthy.

I use oil by Raw rituals and its my absolute favourite. Its a perfect oil for dry and frizzy hair . You can buy it HERE

4) I do not go to bed with open hair. Always braid your hair before bedtime as hair can be seriously damaged when they come in contact with pillows.

5) Once a week I use a homemade hair mask which generally consists of curd mixed with half a lemon , which is super effective and cheap 😛 . Sometimes I also massage my hair using organic argan oil which makes my hair extremely soft and prevents hair fall.

6) I never blow dry my hair. I don’t even own a blow dryer 😛 .

7) I trim my hair every 3-4 months , it actually makes a big difference , my hair grows faster after trimming.

8) I do not dye my hair , its so important to embrace and maintain natural shine of your hair.

Here it is, I hope you guys can start applying these really simple steps as soon as possible (if you don’t already), and I can guarantee you will start loving you hair much more before you know it!


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  1. HI, can you please suggest shampoo,conditioner and hair masks (DIY/store bought) for really dry, frizzy and dull hair as i’m facing all the issues. And i have one more big problem i.e fly aways all over my head. so it looks like I’ve woke up from bed even though i braided my hair just now. please do reply. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi! You are having grey hair due to hormonal changes which is quite difficult to avoid but still try to use Amla infused hair oil . Boil amla in oil till it turns black . Let it cool and apply to your hair.

  2. Hi dear.That is a very healthy hair care routine.I have extremely oily hair and taking care of them is quite a task.I loved your hair care routine.Even I have started a chemical free haircare routine and my hair has been loving the no chemical phase.

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