Product Review : Hair Care Products by Aroma Essentials

If you have dry , damaged and rough hair and looking for some natural products that won’t damage your hair further , then this article will help you a lot. 100% Natural hair care products repair hair from within rather than providing a false shine to the hair.

Few days back I came across a huge collection of hair care products by Aroma essentials and I ordered some of them for me and my mother.

Most shampoos in the market that contain chemicals leave a fine film on the hair, leaving it feeling smooth, silky and clean, which sounds ideal, but it’s not, why not you say? We have become so addicted to using chemical filled shampoos that have synthetic or processed fillers in them, leaving us with that smooth and silky feeling after shampooing , people now think that feeling is what β€œclean” hair feels like. But those shampoos does not make your hair healthy.

Me and my mother have been using these natural shampoos that contain no cheap fillers or chemicals and make hair healthy from within for last one month and we did not feel the need of using any other shampoo to clean our hair.But I would not recommend these shampoos for people with oily hair .

These shampoos have creamy texture and a very mild lather, still clean away all the dirt and oil from my hair.

How to use?

Dilute with water, apply to scalp and wash thoroughly. After applying to scalp , I leave it there for 5 minutes.

Onion Shampoo

Made using onion , cedarwood , lavender and shea butter , this shampoo is perfect for those having heavy hairfall and thin hair. Because onions are known to promote hair growth , this shampoo can also treat people suffering from Alopecia. After using it 3-4 times , it did made a difference in my mother’s hairfall. Since this shampoo has a very strong smell of onions , I only used it once on my hair . I cannot stand its bad smell.

Henna Shampoo
Made using henna , jaggery , hibiscus , thyme and mango butter, this shampoo can be really helpful for those having thin and white hair.

Shampoo for hair growth

Made using Jatamansi , Methi ,brahmi , maka and kokum butter , this shampoo is meant to promote hair growth.

Hair Mask by Aroma Essentials (The best among all the products)

I love applying homemade hair masks on my hair , but this time I tried something different and used a hair mask from a company . This hair mask is made up of a unique blend of pro v b5 ,mango butter ,sheabutter , palm rose , lavender , ylang ylang & grapefruit essential oils and b3 niacin.

How to use?

Apply and massage on hair and leave it for 25 minutes. Wash using shampoo.

This mask is not at all greasy , spreads easily and only a small amount is needed It leaves hair soft and smooth. The best part is it detangles my hair , as it makes my hair smooth. It has a very pleasing smell and contains only nourishing ingredients.

Hair Conditioner by Aroma Essentials

Made using Shea Butter , Jojoba Oil , Almond Oil , Vitamin B5 and Wheat protein , this conditioner can also be helpful for those who have extremely unmanageable hair. I only apply conditioners to my hair ends and it makes them super soft and smooth without causing any damage to my hair. And you know what? You only need a little amount of natural conditioners to make your hair soft , as they are made using oils and butters.

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  1. Nice review of Aroma Essentials hair care products! I’ve been having hair fall issues and could you recommend me which shampoo will be effective for hair fall issue?

  2. These shampoos are not travel friendly .. Plz suggest a shampoo which is travel friendly and natural πŸ™‚
    BTW nice review ! πŸ™‚

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