Product Review : Green Face Mask by Osha Naturals

Osha Naturals is my all time favourite luxurious skincare brand. I have been using so many products by this brand that are – Rose Water Toner , Glow Scrub , Rose Lip balm , Lavender Body Butter.

All of these have worked so well on my skin and the best thing is they are all formulated naturally and are handmade by a professional in Organic skincare.

And yes I love this brand even more as its organic.

This Rejuvenating Green Face Mask caught my eyes because of its ingredients.


Green tea , Green coffee, Rosehip , Chamomile & Spirulina, French Green Clay , Kaolin Clay , Grapeseed , Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Price – 650 INR

Its a clay mask. Clay masks work very effectively in drawing excess oil from the face and tightening the pores.

Osha naturals products top my favourites list as this brand always comes up with unique ingredients. I have used so many products containing Green tea in them but using a one with Green Coffee is a really new thing for me. Another unique ingredient in this mask is spirulina which is basically Green Algae. I always love to learn the benefits of different ingredients on skin and I found out some amazing benefits of these two ingredients –

Green Coffee
Rich in antioxidants , helps in slowing down process of ageing, reduces wrinkles, moisturises skin well.

Rich in Vitam A & B12, calcium , iron and phosphorus which are vital for glowing skin, cleanses pores, fastens process of skin healing, slows down ageing of skin.


Just three spoons (spoon shown in picture) are enough to cover your face. I add Rose water by Osha Naturals to it to get better results but you can also mix it with water or any other toner.


When applied, it gives a strong cooling feel to the face , which is very very soothing for the skin.

Whenever I wake up with dull face in the morning , I apply this and immediately it gives me a soft and supple skin with a light glow on my face. I use it twice a week as I have already told my skin produces too much oil in summers. This has helped me in controlling formation of oil on my face. I have used face masks from companies that are not natural before switching to all natural skincare and honestly they only added a glow to my face for a day or so. Try using natural products once, your skin will start showing long term results. Ofcourse you have to be regular in taking care of your skin otherwise no product will show results.

If you are looking for a mask that clears out your skin , adds a subtle glow and takes out the oil from your skin then do give it a try. The quantity is good for the price. Will last you quite long.

This mask is perfect to provide a glowing effect to dull skin in summers.

You can contact them on Instagram @oshanaturals.

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