Ingredient Spotlight : Grapes In Skincare & Gravitale Skin Revitalizing Gel

Gravitale Skin Revitalizing Gel Review

Gravitale Skin Revitalizing Gel Review

A sun-kissed glow. We all want our skin to glow and radiate natural beauty. But, try as we might to replicate it through makeup, the real thing can, at times, feel far out of reach. Stress, UV rays, pollutants, chemicals, and the occasional (ohh not-so-occasional) poor diet choices β€” can cause some serious damage . Besides taking preventative measures from day to day, how can we get the glow back ? My answer is – by taking care of the ingredients that go in your skincare products and what can bebetter than fruits? Among fruits , lets talk about grapes – a rich source of antioxidants for the skin.

Why you need Grapes for skin? – Being exceptionally remedial for skin , grapes rejuvenates and restores our skin cells. They are a storehouse of antioxidants , Vitamin C , alpha hydroxy acids ,hence can aid in cleaning skin deeply , chemically exfoliating it , reducing pigmentation . They can also protect skin against harmful UV rays and reverse the sign of aging.

Grapes are the key ingredient in this uniquely formulated gel by Gravitale . The texture of this scrub surprised me. Scrubs are generally assumed to be coarser in texture but this one has a gel consistency with mashed grapes in it. Even though it does not have a coarse texture , it does not fail in exfoliating the skin. After washing , it leaves my skin clean and nourished. The glow actually remains for whole day. The best part was – it removed my tan effectively. It is the first product till yet that has actually been effective for tanned skin.

Gravitale Skin Revitalizing Gel Review

How to use it –
– Gently apply a thin layer to cleansed, wet skin and leave for 8-10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.I use it twice a week.

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Do you use grapes in your skincare? Please share.

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  1. Main mostly fruits ko apne face per laga leti hu, chahey wo banana peel ho, apple slice, papaya ya fir grapes jo bhi ghar per available ho usko, infact egg white bhi, ye sab humey naturally profit deta hai na 😊
    Nice product n great review πŸ‘πŸ‘

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