Got Acne? Heal it Without Chemicals !!
One of the most frequent questions I receive on my Instagram is how to get rid of acne . Acne is something every girl has experienced at one point or another . So I thought to write an article on this topic listing all the products that I have found really effective for acne , some homemade masks and tips to keep acne at bay . I rarely get acne , but when I do I try to identify the cause behind it , which is mostly too much oil production on my face due to hot and humid weather . Therefore, I try to keep my face oil free in this weather using facial mists or toners . I specifically use Juicy Chemistry White Tea Toner (Buy HERE ) which instantly soaks up excess oil from the face making my skin look fresh and less greasy .

Well , causes of acne can be different for different people . Lets discuss some causes and after that I will suggest the products that can heal your acne and blemishes .


Hormones – When our hormones increase , acne starts showing up along the bottom of the face, mostly along the jawline area. If you feel that your acne are because of hormones , then do visit a naturopath.

What we eat also impacts our skin . Irritating food for skin include spicy and oily eatables , chocolates , sweets and processed foods . Try to lower intake of such foods and include more fruits in diet.

Bad Skincare
If you are using conventional skincare with Mineral Oils, Silicones or harsh chemicals, you may develop acne because of their ability to clog pores. When picking out a skin care routine, you always want to ensure the products you are using are noncomedogenic which means they are less likely to clog pores.

Do not allow makeup , dirt or oil sit on the face for too long as it promotes growth of bacteria on skin , hence causing breakouts .

I read it in a magazine that stress increases formation of oil on face which causes breakouts.


DIY Mask for Acne

I have not tried this mask on myself as I did not face acne this year , fortunately ! But I do make my brother use this homemade mask , although he is always reluctent to do so . This mask reduces oil on his extremely oily skin and also helped him with acne .

Add 1 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar (buy here ) , two teaspoons cooled green tea , 1 teaspoon organic honey (Buy HERE ) and a pinch of grounded cinnamon in bowl and mix them together . Apply on face and keep it on for 15 minutes . Use it three times a week.

Products I recommend for Acne

Keep in mind that these products will not work for all forms of acne . You also have to make a change in your lifestyle to get the most effective results.

1) Juicy Chemistry Stop the Spot Serum (Buy HERE )

This serum is full of acne fighting and skin healing ingredients like jasmine, sandalwood, tea tree, neem, clove, turmeric, peppermint, and frankincense oils . It reduces acne and lightens acne scars. .

2) Tea Tree and Charcoal Face Mask by Juicy Chemistry ( Buy HERE )

Masking is very important part of a good skincare routine . It provides nourishment to the skin and heals skin from within . This mask is again loaded with skin healing and oil absorbing ingredients like Organic Oatmeal , Almond Meal , Walnut , anti-oxidant Basil , Rose , Lavender , Peppermint , Fuller’s earth , Activated Carbon, Peppermint essential oil ,Black pepper essential oil , bergamot essential oil, Tea T ree essential oil, Juniper berry essential oil.

3) White Tea Toner by Juicy Chemistry (Buy HERE)

The most common reason behind acne is oil formation which clogs pores , hence causes breakouts . Oil control is the most basic step you can do to control acne and this toner exactly does that . It has nourishing ingredients like
Organic White Tea, Jasmine Essential Oils , Sandalwood Essential oil, Fennel, Vetiver,Hibiscus , Chamomile which not only control oil formaton but also tighten pores of the skin .

4) Black Tea and Charcoal Soap by Juicy Chemistry (Buy HERE )

This soap is packed with ingredients which are loaded with antioxidants to reduce formation of bacteria on face , one of the causes of acne .

5) Black Magic Face Scrub By Raw Rituals ( Buy HERE )

This super detoxyfying scrub features a blend of french green clay , activated charcoal , grinded whole wheat oats , grinded almonds , rice flour , wheat grass powder , turmeric powder , Zeolite clay ,jojoba oil , evening primrose oil , essential oils of turmeric and peppermint . It detoxifies and removes dirt and pollution effects from the skin , hence avoiding clogging of pores .

To prevent acne and scars include these tips and products in your skincare routine.


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  1. I’ve been looking for a natural cure for my acne. It just seems like the acne creams out there tend to make my acne works. I’ll definitely give some of these a try. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Besides the fact that it is bad for your body, the good news is that you do not have to risk your health to get rid of acne. Below are seven effective ways to get rid of acne without chemicals.

  3. Thnk u soo much..i orderd sum of the products CNT wait to use many positive sum of the products r not availbe in amazon rght nw nd i being a studnt do nt hv credit crd tht i cn buy frm there website

    1. Hi Aditi. You can read about this toner HERE . You do not have to buy it again and again. It comes it tea bags kind of a packaging and you have to make it for yourself in every 2 days.

    1. Hi Aishwarya. Yes it can only be used for two days. If you have extra then spray it on your hair as well. Its good for hair too. It smells bad after two days as it is 100% natural.

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