Facing dry/rough hands or feet?? Try this Nourishing Hand and Foot Cream

While taking care of our face and hair , we often forget to pay attention to our other body parts which require our care as well. Dry hands or rough feet do not feel good at all. I actually get irritated when my hands become too dry or feet too rough. In summers my hands do not irritate me so much as they do not become dry at all , therefore I do not apply this cream on my hands during summers . But lately I have been having rough feet , hence I ordered this hand and foot cream by juicy chemistry . I have also tried their Peppermint Foot Cream earlier , which has also worked fine for me. This time I wanted to try something different and therefore bought this two in one cream which has been very useful for my mother as well . My mother also uses this Hand & Foot Cream for her hands after doing the kitchen work, which generally makes her hands too dry.


This super nourishing and moisturising hand food is made with organic ingredients like Mango Butter , Kokum Butter , Jojoba Oil , Lavender Essential Oil , Peppermint Essential Oil , Myrrh Essential Oil , Avocado Oil , Vitamin E , Coffee infused Almond Oil , Beeswax. The star ingredient Kokum is packed with essential fatty acids which creates a cocoon around the skin to help retain moisture . Coffee provides this cream with healing properties while myrrh heals cracked or dry feet/hands.

I generally apply this cream at night after washing my feet properly and wear socks afterwards (not always). I like to wear socks sometimes as this helps to lock in moisture , thereby make my feet soft overnight . My hands are sucker for moisture in winters , therefore I will also be using this cream in winters for my dry hands . This cream keeps my mother’s hands moisturized for a long time and makes my feet softer . The cream usually takes time to seep in , so I keep on massaging it for 2-3 minutes .

Do not use it if you have sweaty palms or feet as it has oily texture . Peppermint Foot Cream would be suitable for you.

For people with dry cuticles , this cream will work amazing for your hands. Apply it on your dry cuticles at night and you will wake up with nourished cuticles.

You can buy this Kokum and Myrrh Hand & Foot Cream HERE .

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