Product Review : Face Cleanser by Bath Candy Company

I love to try out different cleansers for my skin but I have found only few cleansers that actually suit my skin. Many of them have made my skin look dull especially soap based cleansers. They never suited my skin. Soap based cleansers make my skin extremely dry , rough and dull. So when I read about this oil based cleanser I thought to give it a try.


Neem, Tulsi, Oatmeal & Peppermint , Lavender , Teatree, Lemongrass essential oils.

Price – 200 INR / 50 gm

An amazing blend of essential oils to heal and repair the skin from within. Neem, tulsi , oatmeal are so helpful in healing breakouts and preventing acne. Tea tree oil also helps in fighting acne.

On opening the jar you would be treated by a herbal kind of fragrance. It has no fancy fragrance which I feel is the best thing as the products which smell too good , may contain harmful ingredient called Parfum.


A very small amount is required to clean the face completely. I use only half the spoon that is in the earlier picture. After rubbing my face gently with it , I let it be on my face for 5 minutes to let my skin absorb the benefits of these essential oils.

On application it produces a very mild lather as it does not contain soap base , but still cleanses my face very well. It makes my skin super soft and does not leave it dry and rough, unlike soap based cleansers.

I only faced problem with its packaging, the jar is too difficult to close so its not travel friendly. Otherwise the product is really worth buying.

This is suitable for every skin type. It is good for dry skin as it does not leave the skin dry after cleasing. And its also good for oily skin as it contains those ingredients which are meant to fight acne and breakouts.

Some of the products by Bathcandy company are natural. So do read the label or ask the company about ingredients before buying from them.

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