Product Review : DIY Toner by Juicy Chemistry

My another love after lip balms are toners. I love to use & try out different toners for my skin. Besides offering numerous benefits to the skin , toners help to refrshen up on humid and hot days.

I have used numerous toners till now, but trying out a toner with such a cool idea i.e a DIY toner , was a new one for me.


650 INR (contains 15 packs)

Organic White Tea,  Jasmine Essential Oils , Sandalwood Essential oil, Fennel, Vetiver,Hibiscus , Chamomile.

This DIY toner packs in anti-oxidant rich teas. Sandalwood shavings , lavender, hibiscus,chamomile and a bunch of essential oils pack in oodles of benefits , help tighten pores , remove dirt and works wonderful with all skin types.

How to use?
– Boil 50gm of water.
– Seep a tea bag in the boiling water for 5-7 minutes, until the color of water changes.
– Let it cool.
– Pour in the bottle provided and keep it in refrigerator.

–  Each bottle can be stored for a max. of 2 days.

Toners are a part of my daily routine. I use toners at night after cleansing my face but this toner is so refreshing that I spray it on my face so many times a day. Having no side or harmful effects as it is organic, I don’t think before over using it. Infact I feel so refreshed and my dull skin looks rejuvenated after spraying.

White tea is a new ingredient that I have seen in products that I use. While scrolling through the benefits of white tea I came to know that white tea is even better for skin than white tea. White tea protects the skin from UV rays & contains anti-inflammatory properties. So spraying it on your face before going out can act as an all natural sunscreen. Besides white tea it offers the skin with benefits of numerous essential oils and hibiscus adds to the beautiful fragrance of the toner. It smells so amazing.

This toner is suitable for oily skin types as it absorbs oil from the face. I even spray it on my makeup as it acts as a natural sunscreen. I love using this as my facial mist to freshen up and also as my toner after cleansing at night. According to the brand this mist can also be used on frizzy hair to control them.

You can buy it here .

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