DIY Skin Soothing Cleansing Grains

diy face cleanser

For years I cleansed my face using harsh chemical laden face washes , little did I know those face washes were stripping my face of the useful oils , hence making it more dry . None of them made my face clear or smooth ever. I tried Herbal Face Wash by Bon Organics once , it cleansed my face well but the same problem – it used to dry it way too much. Finding organic face wash in India is a tough job and being a DIY junkie , I made my own face cleanser with just three of my favorite ingredients.

I made these cleansing grains last week and since then I have been using them daily in the morning. When I started making them I thought they would turn out to be a bit coarse , therefore will work as a face scrub. But to my surprise , this cleanser is so smooth and not at all harsh to my skin.

Cleansing grains are basically a powdered cleanser made from herbs  , nuts or clay to cleanse and gently exfoliate skin . To clean your face using cleansing grains , add a small amount of the powder in your hand , mix it with milk ,rose water or normal water and rub it on your face like you rub your face wash. Before using it as a daily cleanser , make sure that the particles are fine enough to give the cleanser a powdered texture.

I made a soothing concoction for my face as my skin becomes a bit sensitive in winters. You can add any ingredient you like for making this cleanser. This recipe is suitable for all skin types.


Homemade Face Cleanser

diy face cleanser

  • 2 Tablespoons Oats
  • 1/2 Tablespoon Dried Rose Petals
  • 3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

Blend dried rose petals and oats in a food processor to form a fine powder. Pour the mixture in a dry and clean bowl , add essential oil to it. Now store it in an air tight jar , bottle or tub.

I chose these three ingredients as all of these soothe skin along with numerous benefits.

Oats – Oats have inflammatory properties , hence they are suitable for every skin type – even the most sensitive skin .  They will gently exfoliate the skin along with soaking up extta oil and dirt from face. When it comes in contact with any liquid , it forms a gel which is very soothing for the skin.

Rose Petals–  They make skin soft and glowing! I tried a Rose Scrub once by Ma Earth Botanicals which made me hooked to rose petals.

Lavender Essential Oil – It is rich in antioxidants , slows aging , treats acne , calms skin , restores skin complexion and what not!



diy cleanser


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