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Homemade Scrub Recipe

Exfoliation is the process that removes dead skin cells from the surface of skin which are usually the cause of clogged pores , whiteheads and aging . Be it a homemade scrub recipe or a store bought scrub , both work great to add life to the skin.

To be honest , my skin looks horrible with lots and lots of whiteheads , dark patches of skin and flakiness , if I don’t exfoliate my face atleast once every week . This usually happens during winters as my skin does not behave well during cold months. In summers I scrub only once in 15 days .On the other hand , I scrub once or twice a week during harsh winters.

Some people think that scrubbing is bad for their skin , but actually its beneficial for your skin (if done right).

  Benefits of Exfoliating –  
– It totally cleanses the face , hence reducing the formation of blackheads and whiteheads.
– Removes patchiness or dry flakes from the skin , making it soft and supple.
– Reveals youthful , fresh and vibrant skin by removing the dull layer of pollution , dust and dirt.

But always keep in mind the right way to scrub . If you do not scrub your face properly , it will lead to opening of pores and faster aging of skin .
– Always use a mild scrub with small grains (smooth texture).
– Scrub using natural products.
– Use gentle strokes of your fingers to massage your face with a mild scrub.
– Always moisturize after scrubbing.
– Do not scrub more than twice a week.
– Rinse the scrub off using lukewarm water and then splash your face with cold water to close the pores.

I generally find the store bought scrubs too coarse for my skin , hence I use those for my body instead of my face. For a very long time I have been using a homemade  scrub recipe suggested by my mother that works as a scrub plus a face mask with moisturizing properties as well.

I am passionate about making my own skincare and haircare recipes instead of splurging on expensive products all the time. This passion comes from my mother. Since childhood I have always seen my mother making face masks , toners or hair oils for herself. She is 45 but still does not have a strand of white hair or wrinkles (She never goes for facials or hair colouring) Many a times , the recipes of DIYs that I share on my blog are her recipes . Basically she is the one who works behind this blog more than me , concocting different recipes and searching the benefits of herbal ingredients.

Coming back to the natural and homemade scrub recipe shared by my mother – DIY BANANA RICE FACIAL SCRUB. 
Homemade Face Scrub Recipe

Half Banana

Banana is natural skin moisturizer with anti-aging effects. It also heals acne and controls oil formation on face.

1 Tablespoon Rice

Rice will work as a natural exfoliator along with offering skin with acne treating and skin lightening benefits.

1 Tablespoon Milk 

Raw milk heals sunburn , improves skin texture and provides exfoliation to the skin cells.

Blend all these ingredients together to form a thick paste. Apply it on your face and scrub gently after 10 minutes of application.

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    1. Hi Rutuja. No it cannot be stored , since it contains banana. Its a one time use scrub. Make it five minutes before you want to use it.

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