DIY Detox Treatment For Hair

DIY Detox Hair Mask

After getting a hair cut in march , my hair lost volume and somehow I experienced a lot of hairfall which was disheartening. I started caring for my hair way too much and now my thick hair is back again. I wash my hair twice a week with Ma Earth Botanicals Hair Cleanser , oil my hair and apply a hair mask once a week. And I absolutely love the result this routine has shown me.

I have shared a few hair treatments earlier as well like this hair mask for frizzy hair or this ginger hair oil , but I have to admit that this DIY Detox Treatment for my hair is the best hair mask I have used till date. I’m not kidding or exaggerating –it has changed my life and I’ve gotten my mother to love it as well. Every sunday she asks me to make this mask for her. You can have a look at my hair these days here .

DIY Detox Hair Mask

This DIY hair mask removes all the toxins from scalp which promotes healthy hair growth , reduces hairfall and adds bounciness , shine and softness to the hair.

I have included rose tea instead of using normal water in this hair mask to condition my hair naturally. The first time I made this mask , I skipped adding any oil in it which made my hair extremely dry. Hence, I add two tablespoons of oil to it as well.

DIY Detox Hair Mask

You will need –

4 Tablespoons Bentonite Clay 

1/2 Tablespoon Activated Charcoal

Half Cup Rose Tea

5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

2 Tablespoons of Any Hair Oil ( I added this deep conditioning hair oil by Juicy Chemistry )

Directions –

Mix all of these together and try to make a thin paste. Apply it all over your hair while focussing on your scalp. Wear a hair cap to prevent it from drying fast. Keep it on for half an hour and wash with normal tap water. Shampoo afterwards.

DIY Detox Hair Mask

DIY Detox Hair Mask

To make the rose tea , use organic rose petals to avoid chemicals in your tea. You will require half cup rose petals for one cup tea.

I think that’s it… but if you have any questions, feel free to comment below! 😉

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    1. Ohh Yes .Most people are apprehensive in doing that as clays can make hair dry. Hence , I have added oil to this mask to make it moisturizing in addition to being effective.

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