My Go To Coconut Rose Body Scrub

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When it comes to DIY projects , you must first consider whether the project is worth the hassle or not.

best buy cialis Now let me answer the same question for this scrub..MAKE IT! You will love its feel on your skin , the fragrance and the texture this scrub has.

This luxurious scrub will make a perfect gift for your mother or girl gang this summer. I made a huge batch of this DIY product .. almost 20 jars to gift it to my cousins ,  mom and some friends. The packaging I did was quite simple but gave my product a cute yet natural touch. Just take some big leaves , cut them in round circles and tie them up with threads on your jars. Ohh , you can use old cloth as well.

I cannot do without body scrubs in summers , I use them to remove my tan ( they actually make a noticeable difference to my tanned body) , before shaving my legs or coming back from an evening in pool.

And unlike other DIYs , this one is quite simple and all the steps are quite interesting (for me DIYs are always interesting). 

Trust me , you will get a feeling of satisfaction on using your SELF MADE product. Here’s how you make it – 

  • Warm 5 tablespoons of Almond oil/Jojoba oil or any of your favorite carrier oil and add few pieces of ginger to it. Strain once cooled.


  • Now add half jar epsom salt & half jar rose petals powder to the ginger infused oil.

DIY body scrub - Glitter Naturally

  • Mix it. Now add sufficient amount of extra virgin coconut oil good enough to make a paste.

DIY Body scrub - Glitter naturally

  • Stir everything properly. Store in airtight jars.

DIY Body scrub - Glitter Naturally

DIY Body scrub - Glitter Naturally

This scrub can last you for 1-2 months if stored away from moisture in refrigerator. Always use a spoon to take out the product.

Scrub away!

Share your favorite DIY scrub recipes in the comments below. Would love to read the recommendations!

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  1. This sugar scrub recipe is perfect as a pre shaving leg preparation or just a lovely moisturizing and exfoliating treatment without the shaving at all.

    1. I doubt any other salt will be as beneficial. Epsom salt helps reducing ingrown hair as well. Normal sea salt did not suit my skin. You can try it with pink himalyan salt if you have it at hand.

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