Dead Sea Salt and Green Tea Body Scrub by Raw Rituals

For past so many years I have been using homemade body scrubs made using rice flour , sugar , green tea and sometimes gram flour . But as soon as I started using body scrubs by organic/natural brands , I fell in love with them . Homemade scrubs can be made using a limited amount of ingredients , but the scrubs by different organic / natural brands contain so many different and helpful ingredients for the skin. Generally we pay so much attention to our face but its also important to give proper care to our body skin to make it glow and say goodbye to tanning.

Recently I came across this Green Tea and Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub by Raw Rituals which is made using organic ingredients.

Along with exfoliating ingredients i.e. Green tea leaves , dead sea salt , rice flour and sugar mix , it contains essential oils i.e. Lemongrass essential oil , green tea infused oil , almond oil , jojoba oil and vitamin E oil. .
Therefore , this scrub did not make my skin dry or itchy as it added the much needed nourishment to my skin because of oils and essential oils . The ingredient that attracted me the most was Dead Sea Salt as it contains so many minerals .Some of the most beneficial minerals found within Dead Sea salt is magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, boron, bromine, manganese and strontium. These minerals are important for cell health and cell communication. It’s not surprising that in our busy daily lives, we are probably low in some of these minerals to begin with (70% of adults are magnesium deficient!), resulting in dry, inflamed and damaged skin. (Source) Dead sea salt is a natural skin healer and provides relief to any kind of skin allergies , rashes or itchy skin . Also , it works great in healing anxiety and relaxes our mind . So , if you are planning to have a relaxing bath , just mix some of it in your bath water. (Yayy I used this product for two purposes :p )

Also, I forgot to mention , it smells divine. It fills my bathroom with a beautiful citrusy aroma of lemon grass essential oil.

How to Use – Take some amount and massage your damp body skin with it. Then leave it on for 4-5 minutes and wash with luke warm water.

This scrub has been really effective in removing tan from my hands , unlike other products. It does remove dead ski cells from the body and expose fresh skin from below. Its my favorite product for removing sun tan.

If you are looking for something natural to remove your tanning , do give this product a try. You can buy this scrub HERE .

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