Conscious Care For The Hands

take care of dry hands

Our hands age faster than we imagine : I think we all can agree. Everyday our hands are exposed to pollutants more than any other part of our body. Especially in winters our hands face the harsh climate which makes them worn out , dry and dull.

We often neglect our hands and pay more attention to our face. But our hands require the special treatment as well.

To keep my hands soft and moisturized this season , I tried using kitchen ingredients along with some oils that deeply moisturize skin while strengthening our nails as well. Before sharing the DIYs for hands , here are just three tips to keep your hands soft.

  • Always wear gloves before exposing your hands to lot of water or extremely cold & dry winds.
  • Be gentle on your hands. Pat them dry instead of harshly drying them with towel.
  • Use a hand cream after drying your wet hands. (I like this Hand & Foot Cream By Juicy Chemistry ) Purchasing a hand cream is not important , you can use your favorite body oil as well.

Besides all these tips , include these three steps in your beauty ritual every week and you will love your hands.


Take care of hands in winters


To calm dry and flaky hands soak your hands in warm hand soak for 15 minutes. Jojoba oil moisturizes hands while lavender essential oil strengthens nails and palmrosa essential oil locks in moisture. This treatment will add a dewy & healthy glow to your hands.

To make this soak add half cup warm water  , one tablespoon jojoba oil , one tablespoon honey and five drops each of lavender and palmrosa essential oil in a bowl. Soak your hands in it for 15 minutes.


Scrub your hands gently once in a week to remove the dead , flaky and dull skin . Wet your hands in warm water , massage your hands gently with the scrub , rinse it off with warm water and apply a hand cream.

You can use any scrub you have (no need for a special scrub for your hands). I made myself a coffee body scrub and used it on my hands as well.

Taking care of hands

To make this scrub blend 1 tablespoon organic coffee and organic cane sugar in a blender. Add 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil , I tablespoon raw organic honey and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. I added palmrosa essential oil due to its moisturizing properties. Mix them together and store it in an air tight jar. Keep away from water.

Nurture Your Cuticles

Healthy cuticles make hands look their absolute best.  Using nail polishes regularly make them dry and worn out. So to keep them healthy try using a cuticle oil or cream . Put a drop of cuticle oil at the base of your each nail and massage it into the skin around nails.


To make this cuticle oil , add two teaspoons Jojoba oil , one teaspoon coconut oil ,three drops of lavender essential oil and 1 ml (1/3 teaspoon approx) Vitamin E oil in a glass bottle. This oil will moisturize dry cuticles , strengthen nails and promote healthy nail growth on regular application.

WHAT ALL DO YOU USE FOR SOFT HANDS? Share in comments below.

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