Chocolate Face Mask by Leaves Aromatherapy

When it comes to masks , I make sure  I have them all. I am a lover of masks. Whenever I feel my skin to be dead , I just put on a mask and relax. And this mask being made up of chocolate , surely tempted me.


Raw cocoa powder , Raw honey, orange juice, orange essential oil and Greek yoghurt.

Chocolates not only taste good , they are also beneficial for our skin. This face mask is made of Raw Cocoa powder which has same amount of antioxidants as green tea , thus prevents aging,  sunburns and makes your skin glow by improving its texture.

Being 100% natural , it does not contain any added preservatives , so you can be sure that you are applying safe and useful ingredients on your face. Essential oil gives additional benefits and also adds to the shelf life of the product.

How to use?
Being a bit thick in consistency , I made a paste of it by mixing it with rose water. You can apply it directly as well.

First of all , lets talk about its smell. It smells of a dark chocolate and I simply love it. Its fragrance refreshens my mood.

This mask takes a bit long to dry , so I don’t wait for it to dry totally. I wash if off after 25 minutes. It took some time for me to wash it all completely since it was a little sticky. After washing and drying , I could feel my skin to be softer and the texture to be a bit better. In summer my skin gets very oily and after applying this pack, the skin looked in good condition and toned and it was not oily at all. One thing I noticed is , it gives a glow to face after few hours of washing.

This is a perfect mask for tightening the pores of skin and making it toned and glowing.

You can get in touch with Leaves Aromatherapy on Instagram @leaves_aromatherapy and on whatsapp +91 97696 55175 .

By: glitternaturally

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  1. It was a nice review. Definitely going to try it. I always love your reviews and your thoughts towards everything. Lots of love💞

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