My Favorite Warming Sugar Body Scrub Recipe For Winters

warming sugar body scrub

We’ve still got a month left before spring starts , so I wanted to share a winter sugar scrub recipe with you all that I have been using to treat myself in this weather. Let us all agree… During winters we tend to become lazier when it comes to taking care of our body . I am the one who who lets myself go a little bit in the wintertime. […]

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Conscious Care For The Hands

take care of dry hands

Our hands age faster than we imagine : I think we all can agree. Everyday our hands are exposed to pollutants more than any other part of our body. Especially in winters our hands face the harsh climate which makes them worn out , dry and dull. We often neglect our hands and pay more attention to our face. But our hands require the special treatment as well. To keep […]

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The Rad Deets On Hibiscus Flower Powder

DIY hibiscus face mask

I am simply obsessed with using flowers in my skin care. I have been using dried lavender , chamomile , marigold and rose for a long time now in my face masks and facial steams. But hibiscus was new to me. I read hibiscus as an ingredient in a skin care product two-three months back which made me want to try it in my DIYs. After numerous tries , I […]

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Hydrating Homemade Face Serum For Winters

homemade face serum for winters

Serum has become an integral part of my skincare routine since the day I have started using it. I do not use serum during day time but I never go to bed without massaging my face with a facial oil or a serum.  Why You Should Use Serums? Serums actually work on the skin as they are made of only pure ingredients (generally oils) and without any cheap fillers like […]

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Five Homemade Jojoba Oil Recipes You Must Add To Your Skincare Routine

This post includes five DIY skincare recipes using Jojoba Oil that are worth trying and including in your natural skincare routine. I am back with DIY skincare recipes that contain my current new favorite oil – Jojoba Oil . I am excited to share these with you all as they have been super helpful for me in this dry season. JOJOBA OIL – A BRIEF With a light nutty aroma […]

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Beauty DIY : Soothing Facial Cleansing Grains

diy face cleanser

For years I cleansed my face using harsh chemical laden face washes , little did I know those face washes were stripping my face of the useful oils , hence making it more dry . None of them made my face clear or smooth ever. I tried Herbal Face Wash by Bon Organics once , it cleansed my face well but the same problem – it used to dry it […]

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DIY Body Oil To Save You From Dry Winter Skin


When you think of body oil , the first thought that comes to mind is greasiness and oiliness on skin. But in fact body oils are a luxurious way to moisturise for silky soft and flawless skin. Once you start using body oils on your skin , you will feel that your skin is healthier and the results are better than that of lotions or creams. In winters our skin […]

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Finished Your Makeup Remover? No Problem! Remove Makeup Naturally Using These Things Available at Your Home

Have you ever faced an emergency when you have finished up all your makeup removers and have to remove makeup?? Well I generally don’t face this problem because for me makeup is something that I only use on special functions or marriages. This is why my makeup removers go in dustbin even before getting used up completely because of their expiry dates. (The makeup remover that I use – Aloe […]

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Face Masks are not just for Holidays!

I have observed that most of the people pamper their skin only on sundays or holidays . I confess , even I was like this when I was in school. Even though my life has become more hectic since last one year because I have to manage my blog and my college simultaneously , which means I get no time for myself . And my work not only includes this […]

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