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Ayurvedic Body Massage – Abhyanga

kama ayurveda body massage oil

A body massage? I feel you! How relaxing it is to get body massages regularly. It is a luxury for most of us to go to an ayurvedic spa and get a body massage done. But how about a body massage session at home – which is more relaxing, more satisfying for the soul and much cheaper than a massage you will get by paying around 5,000 bucks at a […]

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One Day Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

One Day Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

Today’s article is by Manju.Agadi , owner and founder of Roots Magique . Like a typical South Indian home, she was introduced to this theory of eating seasonal foods by her mother who inherited the knowledge from her granny. Less masalas and more of coconut curries in the summers to ginger kashayas (warming teas) in winters, wondered her brains as to why they eat only certain foods in particular seasons […]

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