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Kerala Part #2 (Relaxing & Chasing Sunsets At Kumarakom Lake Resort)

kumarakom lake resort, kumarakom, kottayam, kerala

I am happy that you guys enjoyed the first part of this trip. Now, here I am with my journal from the last three days of this trip that involved a stay at a luxurious resort where Prince Charles once came to celebrate his birthday, watching sunsets, moving on to the main city Kochi on the last day, some shopping and exploring the Jewish streets. Kumarakom, Kerala Kumarakom is a village […]

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Kerala Part #1 (Experiencing Kerala With Vasundhara Sarovar, an eco-friendly resort)

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey has been on my bucket list since forever. Well, who doesn’t want to explore the land of coconuts & spices, the land of Ayurveda and the Venice of India? Finally, after a lot of hustle and cancellation of my trip twice, I made it to Kerala to experience its culture, indulge in Ayurvedic massages, take dips in the ocean, do yoga and just relax. Basically, that’s what vacations are meant […]

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The One Product I Always Have With Me – A Hydrosol

hydrosols, organic hydrosols india, blend it raw apothecary, hydrosol

What is the one product that you absolutely cannot live without? View this post on Instagram I CANNOT travel without this. I just spray this Rose hydrosol from @blenditrawbeauty whenever my skin feels dry on a plane, when its too warm or when I need a little pick me up (because it smells heavely, a light woodsy rose fragrance). ❤💦 What is the one product you always have in your […]

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Lessons Learned From Owning A Business At 21

blend it raw apothecary, blend it raw beauty, glitter naturally, aarushi singhal

Handling a business involves a lot of ups and downs especially when you are a one-man army without any strong source of investment or business background. I started my first venture- Blend It Raw Apothecary at the age of 20 without any knowledge regarding the business world, without any contacts and without any source of investment. The only thing I knew was that I had to make it matter what. […]

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Facial Massage With Rose Quartz Roller

jade roller, facial roller, how to use jade roller, rose quartz roller

I am not someone who falls for every skin care trend or everything that is gaining limelight on Instagram. I love my facial oils and face masks more than anything else and pretty much stick to them for healthy skin. But for quite a long time, I had been very attracted towards a facial massage tool that is all over Instagram these days. If you follow wellness and skincare bloggers, […]

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Wellness Stay: Casa Da Graca, Goa

Now that I have already written about Part 1 of this trip, it is time to share the Part 2:- living beside a river, long walks to the beach, getting wet in rain, having food in our quaint little balcony and relaxing in our suite. As I mentioned in my earlier post that we chose to skip main tourist destinations in Goa and planned to spend time soaking in nature […]

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Wellness Stay: Champakali, Old Goa

offbeat goa, champakali old goa, champakali resort

Whenever I plan a vacation, Goa always tops the list. I am somehow really fascinated towards all the cafes, slow life, and the hippie culture there. This time I visited Goa with my mum to just spend some chill time doing absolutely nothing, not even being touristy. We skipped visiting main tourist places and chose to spend time at the hotels we were staying at. Champakali being one of the […]

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Everything You Want To Know About Kombucha

indian kombucha brands, kombucha in india, where to buy kombuch in india, zentiger kombucha review, bhu living kombucha review

Happy Friday people. Today we are going to talk about Kombucha because I received a lot of queries after posting a story on drinking Kombucha before a meal a few days back and also because Kombucha is slowly becoming a buzzword in health world in India but most people don’t actually know what it is. I am not someone who follows every trendy thing but Kombucha really caught my eye […]

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Post-Bali Thoughts & Feels

Bali, ulluwatu , ubud rice fields

Most of you know that I began this month with a 10 days trip to BALI. To be honest, Bali was never on my bucket list until I joined Instagram and started seeing Bali pictures all over the gram by influencers and bloggers. Being a lover of tropical destinations, I instantly got attracted towards Bali and bookmarked so many places I wanted to visit in Bali at the beginning of […]

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