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My Journey To Becoming An Entrepreneur

blend it raw apothecary, blended botanica, glitter naturally

REALIZE YOUR PASSION, WORK HARD & BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – my mantra. Hey guys, today I am here to share all about my journey to inspire you to work towards your goals. This article has very scattered thoughts. Please don’t mind. Coming from a middle-class family with no business background, I started my blog and my business right from scratch. You don’t need a strong background or people to help […]

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Lessons Learned From Owning A Business At 21

blend it raw apothecary, blend it raw beauty, glitter naturally, aarushi singhal

Handling a business involves a lot of ups and downs especially when you are a one-man army without any strong source of investment or business background. I started my first venture- Blend It Raw Apothecary at the age of 20 without any knowledge regarding the business world, without any contacts and without any source of investment. The only thing I knew was that I had to make it matter what. […]

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Life Update : Part 4

glitter naturally, life update

Hey guys! Finally, I am writing this post. I started this series a long time back but only got to write 3 posts for this till now. :p I don’t want to bore you guys way too much with my life updates. Writing this once in few months is fine, I guess. This winter has been whirlwind in so many ways, from massive changes in my professional life to so […]

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2018 Intentions

2017 has really been my year. A roller coaster to be honest but a year which has changed me as a person and changed my life professionally. I had been a studious person who has always been into her books until last year ending when I planned to do something which was never really on my mind. I launched Blend It Raw Apothecary and this small venture of mine did […]

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Life Update : Part 3

Glitter Naturally , natural lifestyle bog , indian lifestyle blog

Eight months of this year have already flown by so quickly, aren’t they? But I am super happy as we have entered fall and the weather has been quite pleasant here in Delhi. I set up a goal last year to be more punctual and consistent in blogging but unfortunately due to my other commitments – studies and my own small business, it actually became quite difficult to create content […]

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Vegan Shoes, Ballerinas & Wedges From Wedges

There are tons of things we come across on the internet every now and then but only a few things are actually worth the price you pay. These days I have become an online shopping junkie and cannot stop myself from exploring the new startup brands coming up with cool ideas. I will be sharing new products and cool ideas that I come across on this blog every now and […]

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High Points From Last Six Months

Natural Lifestyle blog

Okay so I know six months of this year are not completely over but I was writing down the things/events I am grateful for this year yesterday, hence planned to share those with you guys. This year has truly been a blessing for me till now .. ohh and a roller coaster as well. I have had 100s of meltdowns and so many days when I literally jumped with joy. […]

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Life Update : Part 2

Life update - Glitter Naturally

Picture Credits – Stocksy Let’s see how long this series that I started last month will go on but I am really enjoying writing it. For all those who are new here , I started this series to write about my personal life , what I am up to these days and the things I am loving.  You can read the previous post I wrote for this series here . […]

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