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Everything You Want To Know About Kombucha

indian kombucha brands, kombucha in india, where to buy kombuch in india, zentiger kombucha review, bhu living kombucha review

Happy Friday people. Today we are going to talk about Kombucha because I received a lot of queries after posting a story on drinking Kombucha before a meal a few days back and also because Kombucha is slowly becoming a buzzword in health world in India but most people don’t actually know what it is. I am not someone who follows every trendy thing but Kombucha really caught my eye […]

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Coffee Oatmeal Pancakes

pancakes, oatmeal pancakes, keeros review

This was my first attempt making pancakes without cocoa powder..because I loovve chocolate in anything and everything even though I am allergic to it if I go too overboard with it. I had a sudden craving for pancakes due to the chilly weather we have been having here in Delhi and after seeing pancakes all over my Instagram feed, I moved my butt to make them. These were so easy […]

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An Interesting Way To Include This Indian Superfood Amla In Your Diet

amla recipe, amla murabba, amla sabzi, gooseberry recipe, gooseberry for skin and hair

An amla a day keeps all the hair woes away :D. By amla I mean Indian Gooseberry for all of those who don’t know. Abundant in Vitamin C and other necessary minerals, including this Indian superfood in your diet can help promote hair growth, reduce hair greying, maintain healthy scalp and even heal dark spots caused due to aging (tried and tested, :p). Besides being beneficial for our outer appearance, […]

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One Day Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

One Day Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

Today’s article is by Manju.Agadi , owner and founder of Roots Magique . Like a typical South Indian home, she was introduced to this theory of eating seasonal foods by her mother who inherited the knowledge from her granny. Less masalas and more of coconut curries in the summers to ginger kashayas (warming teas) in winters, wondered her brains as to why they eat only certain foods in particular seasons […]

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4 Ways To Stay Hydrated

marula juices india , my greens india , juice brands india

If you are a regular reader of my blog , you probably know that these days I am trying to add some clean and healthy habits into my daily routine. One of the habits I’ve been focusing on is drinking more and more water. I am really bad at this even though I have few health issues because of neglecting drinking water. Trust me drinking enough water is a serious […]

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Mango Coconut Sorbet

mango coconut sorbet

Hey you guys! This recipe is one of the many ways that I like to incorporate fruits into my diet as someone who always wants to have creativity in food. Fruits are a great way to keep hydrated as well. I will be sharing a new blog post about how I keep myself hydrated this week itself , so stay tuned for that. In the meantime , enjoy this recipe […]

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Plum Smoothie

A few months ago I was not a smoothie person at all. For some reason I didn’t want to experiment with them and ended up having mango banana smoothie daily. But Instagram woke my interest in smoothies.. Now my day starts with a smoothie made with different ingredients every time and they are always so delicious and keep me full for so long. This smoothie will really help to detox […]

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