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Blend It Raw Apothecary Turns 1 Today

blend it raw apothecary , bend it raw beauty , blend it raw founder, blend it raw products

Being a crazy lover of making my own skincare products especially facial masks and oils, I found it difficult to get organic oils/ butters and powders online, hence I spent one year brainstorming this idea and finding pure unrefined raw material to indulge you all in the practice of self-care while mixing (basically DIYing) your own beauty routine using pure ingredients which are sourced from their origin. My basic motive […]

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Weekly Ritual To Say Goodbye To Those Blackheads

blackheads removing mask

Blackheads.. The moment of frustration you have when you see your face in bright light and notice feels ugghh! They are annoying. Obviously, they aren’t noticeable from far but as soon as you bring your face close to a mirror during the daytime, they are visible. On the overall clean face, they look bad and you quickly want them to go. Isn’t it? For getting rid of blackheads, you […]

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Ingredient Spotlight : Cocoa & Cocoa Butter

cocoa butter in india, organic cocoa butter, cocoa butter for skincare , cocoa butter skincare benefits

Simple is often the best when it comes to beauty and by simple I mean: one ingredient beauty. Each ingredient offered by nature is unique and beneficial for skin in its own way. Hence, I have dedicated this series “Ingredient Spotlight ” to particular ingredients you must incorporate into your skincare routine. Today, I am back with an all-new ingredient (think chocolate..), basically two ingredients made from a single source […]

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This DIY Multipurpose Oil Is All That You Need

diy face oil , diy hair oil , diy makeup remover , diy multipurpose oil

It’s been one of my missions here to share homemade recipes for skin and hair with tips and tricks on how to keep your cleansing routine natural and healthy. It’s fairly obvious that making your own products come with loads of benefits both for your mind as well as health. I am so excited to share the details of this particular DIY Multipurpose Oil which is used by almost everyone […]

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Ayurvedic Body Massage – Abhyanga

kama ayurveda body massage oil

A body massage? I feel you! How relaxing it is to get body massages regularly. It is a luxury for most of us to go to an ayurvedic spa and get a body massage done. But how about a body massage session at home – which is more relaxing, more satisfying for the soul and much cheaper than a massage you will get by paying around 5,000 bucks at a […]

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Just B Au Naturel Probiotic Deodorant

natural deodorant in india

I don’t sweat a lot or emanate an extraordinarily offensive scent (I seriously don’t) so I had given up using conventional deodorants 2 years ago when I started making a switch towards a more natural lifestyle. Reading labels has become a habit. I read labels of whatever I eat, whatever I apply or whatever I use…and the main ingredient that I found on the labels of every deodorant was ALUMINIUM which […]

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Hair Care Ritual

Hair care ritual , detox your scalp

Rituals! One of the most important things you can do to get some time off from your busy schedule, spend peaceful moments with yourself and relax. Taking care of your hair can also become a ritual if you develop proper steps for it. It might sound silly but this ritual will not only result in longer and shinier strands but also fill your mind with peace BECAUSE when you take out […]

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Detox Face Mask That Does Not Dry Out Skin

detox face mask for dry skin

Detox face masks are all the rage right now. They clean clogged pores which helps keep blackheads, whiteheads, and acne away. But detox face masks can be intimidating for people with dry and irritated skin as they absorb the oil that our skin produces. Having oily T zone during summers, I don’t have any problem with it. In fact, I like this after effect. After my visit to water park, […]

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