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A Spirulina Mask To Dry Out Active Acne & Pimples

diy face mask

A tried and tested Spirulina Face Mask to dry out active acne and pimples. Because of the skin benefits offered by Spirulina and other ingredients in this mask, this face mask is suitable for all skin types too. It is also recommended for people who suffer body acne. Spirulina  is a naturally occurring algae that boasts big beauty benefits when it comes to skincare. Spirulina’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling, […]

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Hair Care Tips For When You Travel

travel hair care, hair care tips, travel hair, beach waves

Tangled and rough hair can get really annoying when you are travelling but I have found some tricks that actually work for me. All the chlorine, salt water, sand, sun damage our hair and I am the last person to stay away from enjoying all these just for the sake of hair. I love staying in the pool, taking dips in the ocean and walking around the city to explore […]

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My Experience With Formula Botanica

learn to make your own organic skincare products, how to make organic skincare products, skincare school

Heyy! Finally, I am here with this most requested post- Formula Botanica Review. Formula Botanica is a UK based organic cosmetic formulations training school with online classes and modules. No matter where you live, you can enroll yourself in this course. I have always been interested in Organic/Natural Skin & Hair Care products and more than that I have always been interested in knowing the benefits of each and every […]

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Infused Honey

infused honey, herbal honey, organic honey in India

I was recently reading a book with a hot mug of tea and I instantly remembered that I have not shared anything about infused honey with you guys. Infused honey has been a part of my teas every night, especially in freezing weather. As much as I enjoy using this, I love making it as well (even tough it can get a little messy). I HAD to share this with […]

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Facial Steam

facial steam, benefits of facial steams, how to do facial steams

Hey guys! I am in full writing mode these days. I hope you liked the post on holistic oral care which I wrote this week. Today, I am going to talk about herbal facial steam using herbs and essential oils since I love doing these once or twice a week in cold weather. Since winters are here, our skin tends to become dry, require more moisture & more care and […]

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The One Product I Always Have With Me – A Hydrosol

hydrosols, organic hydrosols india, blend it raw apothecary, hydrosol

What is the one product that you absolutely cannot live without? View this post on Instagram I CANNOT travel without this. I just spray this Rose hydrosol from @blenditrawbeauty whenever my skin feels dry on a plane, when its too warm or when I need a little pick me up (because it smells heavely, a light woodsy rose fragrance). ❤💦 What is the one product you always have in your […]

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Facial Massage With Rose Quartz Roller

jade roller, facial roller, how to use jade roller, rose quartz roller

I am not someone who falls for every skin care trend or everything that is gaining limelight on Instagram. I love my facial oils and face masks more than anything else and pretty much stick to them for healthy skin. But for quite a long time, I had been very attracted towards a facial massage tool that is all over Instagram these days. If you follow wellness and skincare bloggers, […]

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Let’s Talk About Armpit Detox

armpit detox, underarm detox mask

Okay, this post is on a very interesting topic (at least I feel so). I will be taking you over the what, why, when and how of one of my favorite self-care practice i.e. Underarm or Armpit Detox. Before I begin this post, I would recommend people who want to judge and spill stupid comments to please leave. So let’s begin with this article. We are all by now well […]

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Face Masks

diy face masks, face masks guide, herbal face masks

I have been into face masks for quite a long time. If you follow me on my Instagram, you know I AM OBSESSED. I have been obsessed to a point that I literally started hoarding so many superfoods and other ingredients just to add these to my face masks. Of course, I have seen a huge difference in my skin which has got me addicted to applying masks frequently. Whipping […]

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