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My Journey To Becoming An Entrepreneur

blend it raw apothecary, blended botanica, glitter naturally

REALIZE YOUR PASSION, WORK HARD & BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – my mantra. Hey guys, today I am here to share all about my journey to inspire you to work towards your goals. This article has very scattered thoughts. Please don’t mind. Coming from a middle-class family with no business background, I started my blog and my business right from scratch. You don’t need a strong background or people to help […]

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My Experience With Formula Botanica

learn to make your own organic skincare products, how to make organic skincare products, skincare school

Heyy! Finally, I am here with this most requested post- Formula Botanica Review. Formula Botanica is a UK based organic cosmetic formulations training school with online classes and modules. No matter where you live, you can enroll yourself in this course. I have always been interested in Organic/Natural Skin & Hair Care products and more than that I have always been interested in knowing the benefits of each and every […]

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Exploring Varkala, The Hippie Town Of Kerala

Where to stay in Varkala, Best place to stay in Varkala, Luxury accommodation, Beach resort in Varkala, Wellness resort, Ayurveda resort in Varkala ,boutique property, B’Canti Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Ashram

Usually, when people think of Kerala, the places that come to mind are the hills in Munnar, the backwaters in Allepey or the famous Kovalam Beach. Varkala is not yet a popular tourist destination among Indian tourists but full of people from abroad. But, I FELL IN LOVE WITH VARKALA! A small laid back hippie town located just an hour away from Trivandrum, this place took a permanent spot in […]

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Infused Honey

infused honey, herbal honey, organic honey in India

I was recently reading a book with a hot mug of tea and I instantly remembered that I have not shared anything about infused honey with you guys. Infused honey has been a part of my teas every night, especially in freezing weather. As much as I enjoy using this, I love making it as well (even tough it can get a little messy). I HAD to share this with […]

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Facial Steam

facial steam, benefits of facial steams, how to do facial steams

Hey guys! I am in full writing mode these days. I hope you liked the post on holistic oral care which I wrote this week. Today, I am going to talk about herbal facial steam using herbs and essential oils since I love doing these once or twice a week in cold weather. Since winters are here, our skin tends to become dry, require more moisture & more care and […]

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Holistic Oral Care

oral care, oral health

Hey guys, it has been really long since I wrote here..almost 2 months. I was busy making custom face balms for you guys and I was enjoying each and every bit of it. I have finally shipped out all the orders for the balm today morning and here I am now writing this blog post. I had this topic in my mind since the day I switched to natural toothpaste but […]

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Kerala Part #2 (Relaxing & Chasing Sunsets At Kumarakom Lake Resort)

kumarakom lake resort, kumarakom, kottayam, kerala

I am happy that you guys enjoyed the first part of this trip. Now, here I am with my journal from the last three days of this trip that involved a stay at a luxurious resort where Prince Charles once came to celebrate his birthday, watching sunsets, moving on to the main city Kochi on the last day, some shopping and exploring the Jewish streets. Kumarakom, Kerala Kumarakom is a village […]

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Kerala Part #1 (Experiencing Kerala With Vasundhara Sarovar, an eco-friendly resort)

kerala, vasundhara sarovar, vasundhara hotels, alleppey has been on my bucket list since forever. Well, who doesn’t want to explore the land of coconuts & spices, the land of Ayurveda and the Venice of India? Finally, after a lot of hustle and cancellation of my trip twice, I made it to Kerala to experience its culture, indulge in Ayurvedic massages, take dips in the ocean, do yoga and just relax. Basically, that’s what vacations are meant […]

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The One Product I Always Have With Me – A Hydrosol

hydrosols, organic hydrosols india, blend it raw apothecary, hydrosol

What is the one product that you absolutely cannot live without? View this post on Instagram I CANNOT travel without this. I just spray this Rose hydrosol from @blenditrawbeauty whenever my skin feels dry on a plane, when its too warm or when I need a little pick me up (because it smells heavely, a light woodsy rose fragrance). ❤💦 What is the one product you always have in your […]

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