Bulgarian Lavender Cleanser by Juicy Chemistry

If you have been reading my blog from starting , you must be knowing how much I love foamless face washes and cleansers. Somehow I feel that foaming face washes are a bit drying for my skin and leave flaky patches behind.

Recently I started using Bulgarian Lavender and Black Rice Cleanser by Juicy Chemistry made of 100% organic Black rice , Areetha , Adzuki Bean , Green Tea , Rose Petals , Mint Leaves , Lemon Peel Powder, Rhassoul Clay , Orange Peel powder , Orange Lemon Essential Oil , Peppermint Essential Oil , Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil , Orange Essential Oil , Bergamont Essential oil .

This is probably one of the most unique ingredients list I have ever seen in a product. It feels so to feed my skin with such useful ingredients rather than  chemicals.


The texture of this scrub is like a flour as it has very small grains and is not too hard on skin.


I use it every alternate day , rather than using it daily . I basically treat it as a gentle scrub which removes all the dirt that sticks to our face daily and clogs our pores. Made of Areetha and Rhassoul Clay , it soaks up extra oil on the face , mint provides a relief from summer heat , black rice & adzuki beans cleanse the skin , and essential oils imporove the texture , thus giving the face a fresh and clean look. It will not only cleanse your face , but also make your skin healthy if used for a long time.

Again , like other face washes or cleansers , I let it stay on my face for  good 10 minutes to let my skin absorb the benefits of the ingredients.

This cleanser is a must have for those whose face becomes dull and greasy too frequently.

You can buy it HERE .


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