My Blog Is A Year Old Today + Lessons Learnt From Blogging

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While I am writing this post , I am remembering those days when I did not even know what blogging was. Around 2 years back , I came across various pages on Instagram relating to lifestyle and fashion. I used to wonder why these girls put their pictures on Instagram everyday with so many people adoring them. Later did I realize that they are bloggers who share their creativity to inspire people on different topics.

I wanted to start my own blog at that time but did not have any idea about the niche I wanted to write about. Fashion is not my cup of tea. I am not a good cook at all. I am bad at writing about technical stuff. Also, I did not use any  makeup. So, I gave up my decision to start a blog.

After months of scrolling through different blogs , I realized that the only thing that is being promoted in India was covering your face with makeup or using the products which have nothing else than chemicals for eg -Cetaphil products . Since I did not use such products since childhood , I somehow did not like this concept. Therefore , I got an idea to start sharing some homemade skincare remedies on my blog which was called (I know.. I know thats a bad name :p) .

I started with sharing DIYs for common skin & hair issues and soon began to share reviews of natural & organic skincare products available in India. And now I plan to make this blog a resource for you all where you can find everything about organic skincare , health and overall wellness . Besides this I want to make it a place where I share what I feel and what I do, basically my life , so that you always know the person who is writing the blogs on this website.

I still cannot believe that its been one year since the day I put up my first post on Instagram. This year has been really tough for me. Managing my university , blog , language classes and working on starting a startup together has not been easy at all. But this blog gave me a way to express my creativity . I am still not at all close to the decided goals for my blog but yes I did achieve more than what I had planned for this one year.

The biggest accomplishment was obviously starting my own skincare subscription service “BLEND IT RAW BEAUTY BOX” – India’s first DIY subscription service.

glitter naturally blog

Blogging has various ups and downs and sometimes it becomes stressful when you do not receive the expected response even if you put in a lot of efforts. But this one year has taught me various lessons which I wanted to share with all those people who have their own blogs or plan to start one.

  • Share the topics you are passionate about or the things you have tried yourself – There is a long list of topics or blog niches about which you can write and actually make money. If you are not too much into fashion , do not write about it. If you love arts , start sharing your tips about that instead. People do get a hint if you are writing just for the sake of getting views on already famous topics.
  • Wait patiently for your blog to grow – It takes a lot of time. It may take even two three years to grow your blog’s audience so much so that you can make it a full time career.
  • Its hard to reject various opportunities but you must reject some of them – In this one year , I have received a few opportunites for my blog but I had to reject those just because I did not believe in those concepts . Do not share anything on your blog to which you cannot relate yourself.
  • People follow and unfollow..Deal with it – I used to get depressed when my followers count reduced. Slowly I began realizing that your true readers will always stick to you.
  • Pictures matter a lot  – Try to click beautiful pictures which attract the eyes of the readers. I am trying my best these days to click good pictures.
  • Buy your own domain – I made the biggest mistake of starting my blog as
  • Always keep on reading about ways to improve your blog – I am constantly learning about SEO , photography and ways of writing better articles . This will not only improve your blog but also add to your knowledge.
  • Do not ever copy the content or images – The most important thing for Indian bloggers! I see a lot of new blogs on Instagram which use pictures and content of others. I have suffered this myself. Few people have stolen my pics as well . Thats illegal!
  • Be consistent in posting – A thing I am totally bad at. I know , if I had been consistent throughout this year , my blog would have grown much faster.
  • Do not post about every other thing that you receive – As a blogger , we recieve sample products to review but sometimes the products are too vague to be promoted or do not match to your blog’s theme . Refrain from praising everything you receive.

I even gave few tips in this Know Me More post out of my personal experience. I am not an expert obviously.

That’s it! I hope I will be able to deliver you quality content always.I am really thankful to all of you who have been regular in reading my blogs. My blog received 42,000 views which is a huge number for me. Some of my most loved blog posts are –
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    1. Yes it is. Buy your own domain. Its around 100 per month. Design your blog on wordpress and then buy your domain from godaddy.

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