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Dry , rough or brittle hair ends ? Something everyone suffers from at some point of time. And for me its a regular situation. I have oily scalp but my hair ends are dry and rough which makes it extremely difficult for me to detangle them. Using conditioners on my hair has not been a normal routine for me because every conditioner available in the market is loaded with chemicals that only deposit a false layer of shine on hair , instead of nourishing them from within. The day I decided to make a switch from conventional to organic products , I started using conditioners , just because organic conditioners contain an impressive ingredients list with absolutely no nasty chemicals.


Lets come to Leave in conditioners . Leave in conditioners may not sound as important as shampoo and normal conditioner but they serve so many purposes: to nourish and moisturize the hair, prevent breakage and split ends, soften the hair, tame frizz, and aid in detangling . For quite a long time I have been quite intrigued to try out leave in conditioners but I doubted if they will make my hair look oily. My opinion changed once I started using it and for me its a staple product now.


-Leave In Conditioners contain nourishing ingredients which provide and retain moisture in hair , thus preventing hair to look dry and rough.
– Adds a healthy shine
Eliminates Frizz
– soften the hair which makes it easy to detangle them.
Protects when using heat – For me this is the most important purpose that Leave in Conditioner serves. Applying it will not make your hair dry after using blow drier or a straightener and provides an extra layer of protection.
– Makes it easier to handle dry and rough hair.

Avoids Split ends


Recently I started using Leave in conditoner by Juicy Chemistry, my first ever leave in conditioner and I have no plans to try this product by any other brand. This 100% organic conditioner is made with a blend of Unrefined Shea Butter , Organic Apricot Kernel Oil , Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil , Amla Oil, Sweet Almond Oil , Organic Orange Essential Oil, Peppermint essential Oil, Cedarwood Oil , Lime Essential Oil, Petit Grain Essential Oil and Beeswax. Leaving conditioner in your hair will provide sufficient time to the ingredients to get absorbed into hair , thus strengthening it. This is perfect if you want to try a leave in conditioner for your rough hair as it fulfills all the above mentioned benefits. Also , the ingredients are so pure and nourishing.

How to Use
After washing your hair , squeeze out excess water and apply it to your not so damp hair strands , especially hair ends.

You can buy this product HERE .

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  1. I like how you mentioned that leave-in conditioners help prevent dry hair. My hair tends to get really dry, especially during the winter, and I really don’t like how that looks. It would be nice to keep it moisturized better, so maybe I can check out leave-in conditioners to see if that helps.

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