One Day Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

One Day Ayurvedic Body Cleanse

Roots Magique FounderToday’s article is by Manju.Agadi , owner and founder of Roots Magique . Like a typical South Indian home, she was introduced to this theory of eating seasonal foods by her mother who inherited the knowledge from her granny. Less masalas and more of coconut curries in the summers to ginger kashayas (warming teas) in winters, wondered her brains as to why they eat only certain foods in particular seasons leading her to do appropriate research through which she understood what they practiced was nothing but enter site AYURVEDIC COOKING , a simple yet effective means of utilising the Nature’s Blessings.These little experiences at home paved her way for more studies on Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and her passion for “FOOD FOR SKIN CARE” which helped Manju to begin with her Start-up citas para adultos y lios de una sola noche ROOTS MAGIQUE BOTANICALS along with Beauty and wellness consultancy which will be launching soon.

buy Lyrica online australia What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda – the science of life is an exemplary healing methodology that considers every individual Unique & Different, who is a part of the cosmic energy that’s prevalent in Nature. India being mother to Ayurveda – is considered to be the oldest sciences of traditional healing systems on the planet which is based on the principles of nature & its elements and that every body has its own healing mechanisms, provided they are given a fair chance.
Hence, this medium of science focuses on Prevention in the beginning and eliminating the struggles from the roots.

Ayurveda & Tridoshas
The unique mix of 5 elements of nature ( Air, Ether, Fire, Water & Earth) leading to human body composition or Prakriti in form of Vata , Pitta & Kapha , which is responsible for our Physical & Emotional quotient leading to individual behaviours.

– Vata (Ether & Air): The principle that governs the nervous system to mobilise.
– Pitta (Fire & Water) : Responsible for the Digestion, Metabolism & Skin Care.
– Kapha (Water & Earth) : Responsible for Lubrication, Nutrient supply & mucous membranes.

Once Tri doshas are in balanced state upholding the elements & fine tuned – All will be well !!

What is Ayurvedic Cleanse – Body and Skin?!
According to Ayurveda , over eating and leading to indigestion & accumulation of toxins is the reason for all diseases including the Skin issues.

To nominalize the way of eating and taking charge of one’s lifestyle for the betterment of self and ofcourse to look “BEAUTIFUL” atleast a DAY in a month can be dedicated to DIGESTIVE CLEANSE & NO , you are not asked to STARVE but to eat a healthy wholesome, easily digestible meal but with Right Amount & at Right Time with few Yogic practices.!

A common man can go in for 1 day program staying at home .BUT HOW?
– Eat home cooked Rice & Moong Khichari only.
– Drink warm water in between the day.
– Practice yoga, pranayams, mudras, meditations & ofcourse rest rest & rest.
– Sleep early that night.


– ½ cup Rice
– 1 cup moong dal ( split yellow )
– 4 – 5 cups water approx..
– ½ to 1 inch ginger – chopped or grated
– Salt ( saundha namak)
– 2 tsp. cow ghee
– ½ tsp fenugreek seeds
– ½ tsp whole cumin seeds
– ½ tsp mustard seeds
– ½ tsp turmeric
– 1 pinch of red chilli powder
– 1 pinch hing
– Handful fresh cilantro / coriander
– ½ cups assorted vegetables ( preferably seasonal & optional )


– Wash rice, moong dal ( soak them for 30 mins after wash ) and vegetables as you do for all your cooking
– In a pressure cooker, add ghee & set it for heating.
– Slowly add mustard seeds, slightly popped, add other spices (fenugreek,cumin,turmeric,chilli powder)
– Add rice & moong dal, vegetables
– Then add water and salt.
– Close the lid of the cooker and let it cook until 4 – 6 whistles
– Once done, garnish with coriander leaves before eating.

**Consistency of Khichari can be adjusted according to your needs by adding less or more water.

How does this help?

– A warm home cooked whole meal is a life supporter, which nourishes and rejuvenates our organs and let them flush out the toxins along with giving some rest from over working stomach and digestive system.
– Physical & Mental rest leads to feeling lighter, refreshed and rejuvenated augmenting happy frame of life.

I hope you guys liked this article by Manju.A.

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  1. Bahut accha subject liya hai, aur useful to hai hi, humare ghar me bhi home cooked food hi jyada banta hai, per fir bhi perfect to nahi ho paata hai, ab thoda aur routine n balance karne ka try karungi ?
    Aap plz is series me heart patient, n nerves relaxation k liye bhi post kariye ??

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