A solution for dry , damaged and frizzy hair – Hair Oil by Raw Rituals

I’ve got a hair confession to make.

Shampoos, even the natural ones, have been rather harsh on my hair these days. Maybe its because of the weather , but the texture of my hair was definitely changing for quite some weeks. The shampoos that generate a foaming lather strip the oils from my hair and make it look frizzier and duller over time.

I get a lot of compliments for my hair. But trust me it takes a lot of effort to maintain them. I oil my hair twice a week . Oil your hair twice a week and the entire story will change trust me.

Choosing a hair oil wisely is also important. Always check the ingredients list. See what actually is going on and in your scalp. Just applying coconut oil on hair won’t help.

 This Hair Oil  has helped my hair so much. The best part is its 100% natural and is cold pressed. Oils available in the market are treated with chemicals to make their shelf life longer. Longer the shelf life , more the harm it will cause to your body as well as hair.


It is meant for dry and frizzy hair and contains –

Argan Oil– minimize the frizz, split-ends and roughness of the hair in a natural way.

Apricot Kernel Oil – makes hair soft and shiny. It keeps hair roots and strands well nourished and moisturized.

Almond Oil – gets rid of dry hair.

Avacado Oil – provides nutrients for your scalp so your hair can grow  healthy and strong.

Amla oil – Amla oil can restore pigmentation and help you bid your premature graying problem goodbye.

Brahmi – improves hair length and volume.

It also contains hempseed oil , virgin coconut oil , castor oil , sunflower oil , olive oil, evening primrose oil, Vitamin E oil and rosemary, myrrh , neem & geranium essential oils.

Its like a medicinal oil for your hair. It will provide your scalp with a variety of nutrients.Just like your skin and body, your hair also need a number of nutrients which only coconut oil cannot provide.

After applying it for over 10 times , I can surely say this hair oil has improved the texture of my hair. The best part is it gets removed easily in one wash without making the hair sticky. I bought it just because it was 100% natural and I am so happy that I had bought this oil. It is worth every penny spent on it.

I bought it online here . (Hair Oil)

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