A solution for dry & cracked heels , rough and foul odor feet – Foot Cream by Juicy Chemistry

I know , I know I write about alot of products by Juicy Chemistry , because this is one of the brands I trust for 100% organic yet effective products.


I have been using this foot cream for almost three months and I still have some left with me. I usually apply a small amount which is enough to cover my  feet.  I feel its important to take care of each part of the body , so I try to keep my hands and feet hydrated as well.

This foot cream is made with 100% organic Shea butter , Coconut oil , Peppermint essential oil , almond oil , Magnesium oil , Tea tree essential oil and Vitamin E.

Tea tree oil fights bacteria and fungal formations while peppermint essential oil and magnesium gives a soothing effect by calming sore muscles , they also act as natural deodrants.

How to use?
Wash your feet before using the cream. Apply to your feet giving close attention to dry and damaged skin.

I use this cream after coming back from a tiring day . Sometimes I wear socks after applying this cream to help retain moisture which makes my feet soft.  But I never sleep with socks on , its not healthy. I just keep it for like 30-45 minutes .

This cream adds amazing smell to my feet and makes them super hydrated and soft. If used regularly , it can also help in reducing foot odor. Also , it provides a cool and soothing effect to feet , which is very effective to provide a relief to tired legs.

You can buy this product HERE  .

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