A mask for Acne Control & Blackheads || Tea Tree and Charcoal Mask by Juicy Chemistry

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The morning I wake up with oily , itchy or dull skin , which mostly happens to me in summers , I always reach for my Tea Tree and Charcoal Face Mask as it really solves my problems. This is a mask to pull out pore clogging muck and contains anti-septic properties to prevent acne and blackheads.


This mask is packed full of powerful ingredients like oil absorbing Organic Oatmeal , Almond Meal , Walnut , anti-oxidant Basil , Rose , Lavender , Peppermint , Fuller’s earth , Activated Carbon, Peppermint essential oil ,Black pepper essential oil , bergamot essential oil, Tea T ree essential oil, Juniper berry essential oil.

It is in a powdered form that you mix with water ( I mix it with rose water) to make a thick paste which you then paint onto your skin . It can be used at any part of your face or for back acne as well . Go ahead , make a paste and do a spot treatment for your face acne or back acne . As I do not have acne , I apply it on my face for the blackheads and dull skin . Sometimes when I am not in a mood to apply face masks all over my face , I make a mixture of it using potato juice and apply it on my nose to get rid of those peaky blackheads.Using it on my nose every alternate day does help in removing blackheads.

According to my experience , this mask works great for blackheads. It softens those blackheads , after which I take a towel wet in warm water and gently rub my nose with it. Since I do not have acne , I cannot say anything relating to that . But I have read some reviews and all of them stated that this mask works wonder for acne prone skin . Also , it soaks away oil from the skin , which is a life saver for me in this hot and humid monsoon weather.

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