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Ingredient Spotlight : Cocoa & Cocoa Butter

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Simple is often the best when it comes to beauty and by simple I mean: one ingredient beauty. Each ingredient offered by nature is unique and beneficial for skin in its own way. Hence, I have dedicated this series “Ingredient Spotlight ” to particular ingredients you must incorporate into your skincare routine. Today, I am back with an all-new ingredient (think chocolate..), basically two ingredients made from a single source […]

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Ingredient Spotlight : Grapes In Skincare & Gravitale Skin Revitalizing Gel

Gravitale Skin Revitalizing Gel Review

A sun-kissed glow. We all want our skin to glow and radiate natural beauty. But, try as we might to replicate it through makeup, the real thing can, at times, feel far out of reach. Stress, UV rays, pollutants, chemicals, and the occasional (ohh not-so-occasional) poor diet choices — can cause some serious damage . Besides taking preventative measures from day to day, how can we get the glow back […]

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Ingredient Spotlight : Coconut Oil For Anything & Everything

coconut oil

Image source – Some time ago I started a new series “Ingredient Spotlight” which has been receiving a lot of love from you guys lately. I get DMs on my Instagram and Emails asking me to upload more posts in this series. Basically , I talk about any one skin and hair care ingredient , its benefits and how I use it in my skincare and haircare. Earlier we […]

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Ingredient Spotlight : Dried Chamomile Flowers For Skin & Hair

chamomile for skin

This month I started a new series called Ingredient Spotlight in which I talk about the benefits of a particular skin/hair care ingredient and how it can be used in your DIY recipes in simple yet effective ways. The first ingredient about which I wrote was Kaolin Clay – the gentlest clay for skin . Today I thought to write about the ingredient I have been using for past 6 months in […]

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Life Update : Part 1

  A lot of you come on my blog to look for skincare and haircare tips and products . But some of you (who actually stick around and support me , I love you all a lot!) have a genuine interest in me as a person. To talk and share more about me / my life with you guys , I am starting a new series on my blog ‘Life […]

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