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Find Of The Week : Vegan Shoes , Ballerinas & Wedges From Wedges

There are tons of things we come across on internet every now and then but only a few things are actually worth the price you pay. These days I have become an online shopping junkie and cannot stop myself from exploring the new startup brands coming up with cool ideas. This new series titled as “Find Of The Week” will feature a product that really amused me by its quality/usage/idea. Back […]

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Handmade , Natural & Sustainable Skin and Hair Care With Jiva Vrksa

Jiva Vrksa Products Review

I was recently introduced to a brand called Jiva Vrksa . This skincare line is different from the brands I have used till now – the reason I was too attracted towards their products. They promote the concept of ‘ayurvedic skincare’ in true sense by using a combination of traditional skincare recipes handed down through many generations.  Every ingredient that you will find on the list of their products can be […]

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More To Love From Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry Review

Hey Guys! So after a really long break from social media and my blog , I am finally back! Thank you for all your messages asking me if something went wrong or why I am not posting. For all those who are concerned – everything is fine! I had my university exams which made it quite difficult to write blog posts or reply to your messages.  So  lets come back […]

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Instagram Q/A On Haircare

Hair Care Tips - Glitter Naturally

Its been a long time since I wrote something on my blog. There has been a lot of things going on in my life. Both good and bad ones . I am having my exams this month and working on a scholarship program (fingers crossed, I hope I win it) . Secondly I woke up with rashes on my face yesterday and today they are all over my body. I hope […]

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DIY Skin Soothing Cleansing Grains

diy face cleanser

For years I cleansed my face using harsh chemical laden face washes , little did I know those face washes were stripping my face of the useful oils , hence making it more dry . None of them made my face clear or smooth ever. I tried Herbal Face Wash by Bon Organics once , it cleansed my face well but the same problem – it used to dry it […]

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Exfoliate Gently and Naturally

Homemade Scrub Recipe

Exfoliation is the process that removes dead skin cells from the surface of skin which are usually the cause of clogged pores , whiteheads and aging . Be it a homemade scrub recipe or a store bought scrub , both work great to add life to the skin. To be honest , my skin looks horrible with lots and lots of whiteheads , dark patches of skin and flakiness , […]

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Skin Brightening Serum by Raw Rituals

Finding a good serum is a tough job. But yes I finally found my holly grail serum. It’s the absolutely wonderful serum by Raw Rituals. It took me  long to decide which serum to buy from them and finally I thought to buy Skin Brightening serum. And yes I made a good decision. Let me simply say that—unlike many products—you can actually feel the essence of the plants, oils, and […]

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