2018 Intentions

2017 has really been my year. A roller coaster to be honest but a year which has changed me as a person and changed my life professionally. I had been a studious person who has always been into her books until last year ending when I planned to do something which was never really on my mind. I launched Blend It Raw Apothecary and this small venture of mine did work out well. All thanks to you guys who made my 2017 special by supporting this small brand for which I work so hard day & night sourcing the best possible ingredients. My major goal for 2017 was to implement this idea of mine to promote Do-It-Yourself organic skincare and you all supported it so much that I took a step ahead and planned something big for 2018. It will take some time but stay tuned to my Instagram page for some exciting announcements. I can’t wait to reveal it but shhhh!

Another goal for 2017 was to TAKE A BREAK which was achieved to some extent but not completely. I did take short road trips to the mountains and attended a yoga retreat in Goa (a highlight of course) which were relaxing but I was still on my phone. Being a one-man army for Blend It Raw Apothecary, it is tough to keep aside my phone and chill. BUT..no regrets.

In short, 2017 has been a year full of learning, working, meeting inspiring people and a few small achievements that made my year better.

2018 will be focussed on HEALTH & working on a new idea. Working all day every day has really taken a toll on my health. This year I want to focus on detoxing my lifestyle, practicing Yoga, learning dance, experimenting baking with healthy ingredients, traveling and a lot more. I have attached this paper with 2018 intentions on my working table to stay on track. I hope this helps.

2018, 2018 resol

  • YOGA I have been really inspired by a lot of Instagram Yoginis to practice it daily and it really makes me feel good. Also, run atleast once a week.
  • Drinking green smoothie or juice is something I follow now and then but never regularly. Making this a habit in 2018 will be challenging for me but rewarding for my health.
  • Have a refined sugar free month (as often as possible) or maybe months if I am able to give up my sugar craving. You’ll notice “as often as possible” is loose because I don’t want to feel like crap if I fall off the wagon with this one every so often!
  • I want to fulfill the above challenges without feeling deprived of anything, hence I will try baking with healthier options and experimenting wholesome food recipes.
  • Besides Yoga and Dance, practices like a walk, massage with oils or a hot shower relax me. I plan to indulge myself more in these activities.
  • Journalling every night about the things I am thankful for during the day will help me capture and look back at good things 2018 did to me.
  • Water is life after all. For a person like me who has stomach troubles, water solves 99% of the problems.
  • Traveling is the ultimate goal of my life. I waited for so many years to be able to earn and start traveling and now that I am able to do that, my goal is to explore at least three new places this year.
  • Soapmaking has been on my to-do list for so long. This year will be all about learning and making new things.
  • I still say no to things that cross my boundaries but saying it unapologetically and with ease is the goal.
  • I have so many new things lined up for this year but they require a lot of work. So, WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK!

Those are my main visions for the new year! I have a lot more professional goals that I didn’t list because, well, I am keeping them to myself for now but I would love to hear your thoughts and YOUR goals/visions/resolutions for the new year!! 

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  1. Yours and mine goals and intentions are so sooo similar, I dunno I have seen so many Instagram ERS and bloggers but I dun look for anyone except you..lots of love 🙂

  2. hello mam …im just like you …omg i finally found a person exactly like me doing research regarding Healthy stuffssssss ….im so glad that i got u finally …i watched the video about three harmfull ingredients …yas it was absolutely true and i started cutting all the refined sugars ,junk deep fried foods fours years back …i take organic brown sugar( i never ever use white sugars ) i always go for organic stuffs ….(gmo free foods ) as im in abroad for studies i have no other go ..sometimes im forced to eat some unhealthy foods …..you really have a inspirational intentions regarding health ….bilated Happy newyear …awaiting for ur new posts ??? a.. ?

    1. A very happy new year dear. Glad to see your comment. You made my day. 🙂 Keep sharing your healthy habits with me on comments. Stay in touch dear.

      1. i dont drink cow’s milk i have a habit of using organic almomd milk while making milk shakes or any smoothies …then i use wild silk pillow case…then i have a habit of drinking water in copper vessel and glass ..then i use anti radiation shield for my mobile …i used to practice surya namashkaram as im in medical field i dont get enough time to do yoga and asanas yet i try my best to keep me Healthy ..?

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